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Do Something to Shake It UP

Pick a Democrat who will keep the campaign alive, kicking and a little crazy (without really hurting any of the candidates).

Pick a Republican who represents the best of what Republicans once were.

OK... Even though I thought the old SeniorJunior would not endorse anyone, it looks like I really do. If I look back over the stream of thought in this blog, I can't help but notice that one Democrat seems to be mad at all the people I'm mad at: Big Hedge Funds, Big Chemical, Big Oil, Big Retail, Big Insurance, Big Media, Big Moralists and the Big Lobbyists for all of them. Global Warming Denyers, Poor Consumer Regulation, and all the other flat-earthers go in the list as well.

And who, you ask, might this Dem candidate be? Why...

JOHN EDWARDS, of course.


But... Giving Edwards the win in Iowa will shake things up. The populist tone of the election will amp up …

GOOD (Sucko, screwed, bollixed) JOB, BUSHIE

Four Body Blows to a Staggering Presidency

This morning's NY Times and Washington Post front pages features four stories documenting the gross failures of the Bush Administration (and its enabling Congress). Economic, foreign and domestic failures stack on the stinky pile Prez Bush is leaving for his successors to try to clean up.


NY Times:
Fed Shrugged as Subprime Crisis Spread
Some excerpts:

Today, as the mortgage crisis of 2007 worsens and threatens to tip the economy into a recession, many are asking: where was Washington?

An examination of regulatory decisions shows that the Federal Reserve and other agencies waited until it was too late before trying to tame the industry’s excesses. Both the Fed and the Bush administration placed a higher priority on promoting “financial innovation” and what President Bush has called the “ownership society.”

“The Federal Reserve could have stopped this problem dead in its tracks,” said Martin Eakes, chief executive of the center (for Res…

Why No News Story on This Biggie?

Me, John Edwards, John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich

All four agree that the way to a fair and universal health plan for America is to DO AWAY WITH FOR-PROFIT HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES. We don't want "socialized medicine" with the government running the health biz. We don't want health care to be "free." We want every penny to be paid by the recipients of the care, just on a progressive ability-to-pay, non-profit insurance basis. The House Bill (HR 676) that describes this approach is called "The New Medicare" or "Medicare for All." (If Edwards were still in the Senate, I betcha there would be a Senate Bill.)

OK, great idea. Over some years, we gradually phase out the for-profit insurance companies, and transition to the Medicare-like system with tiny administrative costs comparatively. Nearly all the health care money goes to actual health care providers. What a concept!

Inherent in this plan is an absolutely HUGE news story waitin…

Touristas, Montezuma's Revenge, Etc UPDATED

YEA! Improved Meds for Fearless Travel

Science News (One of my favorite magazines) reports that there is a patch now for greatly reducing your chances of getting bowel bombed on your next trip to a 2nd or 3rd world destination.

In case you need reminding about how Vengeful Montezuma can really be, read this.
My image of a really bad case
Pix source

If you are a subscriber to Science News, read this. (If you are not, become one. It's a great weekly that will make you scientifically literate overnight.)

Since the announcement of this marvelous breakthrough came at "at a meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene" in Philadelphia, I reckon it's not really on the market yet, but start bugging your doctor and your pharmacist for your early adopter rights.

Have a nice trip.

What Do Bullies Do?

(...Because there are no lobbyists for them - and they can't make huge politcal contributions. And Republicans have no regard for the little guy these days.)


Food stamps, perhaps the logo for the littlest guys, are dwindling just as the need is growing.

Purchasing power for most salaried and hourly employees is flat or diminishing.

Veterans (overwhelmingly "little guys") with PTSD are under-diagnosed and under treated. Veteran care in general is a mess. Private "contractor" soldiers get paid ten times as much as soldiers in our voluntary armed services.

40+ million Americans have no health insurance. Health care costs are hyper-inflating. Over a third of our health care dollars go to insurance companies' administration, executive salaries and shareholder profits. (Insurance companies have A LOT of lobbyists and make HUGE political contributions.)

National Institutes of Health are losing federal funding. Plus the Forest Service,…