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Big Government, Little Government

More Thrill of Getting Published.
The whole warped argument about our national debt must be seen in a different light if we are ever going to see the light. I took a modest whack at it in this piece, printed in The Mountain View Telegraph, one of our weeklies hereabouts.
(Unreadable, but cute, no?)
Here 'tis, readable:
What Are Your Government Wants?

Thursday, 21 July 2011 09:09Willis Duff
Tijeras resident
The word "government" has been mutated by some into "monster," a conniving enormity out to "get in your way." Perhaps it's because the combination of local, state and federal government is just too big for us to see clearly, like fleas have trouble seeing the dog. So it must be a monster.In truth, government is a huge nonprofit whose purpose is to keep our civilization functioning the way we want it to.In the U.S., the government works for you. You are the client. "You" are all of us citizens. We-the-p…

Ruled By The Right

"Message Control" a Super Weapon of the Right
Americans aren't nuts. We actually know what the important stuff is, even though we are bludgeoned with talking points - all carefully orchestrated by the Selfish Rich (see the next post below).
Proof that we are not crazy? Try this:

Now you know I'm a survey maven, no? This is well designed, well executed public opinion polling. There is a very high probability that it represents how Americans actually think. But would you guess that from what Congress is up to? No, not Congress, the crazed Right Wing Nuts in Congress and the corporate media that echos their brain farts. Our agenda is being set by a small minority of well-organized loudmouths riding an ideological broomstick.
JOBS and THE HEALTH OF OUR ECONOMY are the real issues. The current madness of Slash Slash Slash into the humanitarian side of government spending, and Give Give Give to the richest is, well... madness!
Even Genuine Conservative David Brooks take…

"Think Tank" Corrupters

They Own Your Mind

You think your are thinking straight? Probably not. Because THEY have control of your mind...daDUM!!!

I've been telling anyone who will listen about the "right wing think tank threat," but this fine lady says it best.

"The US main stream media is owned by maybe half a dozen large corporations. They all rely on advertising revenue from other large corporations for their existence. This means that these corporate advertisers control the message."You're not telling me anything I haven't known for years, but that's only part of it. Along with corporate interests there is a huge infrastructure of "think tanks" set up by wealthy family trusts -- the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the Scaife foundations, the John M. Olin, Joseph Coors, Charles Koch, etc., foundations -- that actually generate fake data to feed to news media to keep people confused. This is in collusion with Big Oil, Big Pharma, and other monied i…