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Grumpy Old Men

"I've Earned The Right To Be Angry"

That was the title of an op-ed in my local daily paper, The Albuquerque Journal.  Back in November, 2012 a guy quoted a bunch of Fox News positions, claimed they were his and got all self-righteous about it.  Part of his babble was that he was an older white guy.  I decided not to reproduce his op-ed here because I don't want that kind of slop on my oh-so-neat blog.  But you can get the drift by my responses.

WELL, the honor of  OWGs was on the line, so naturally I whipped out a rebuttal and sent it to the Journal.  A week went by and I was told my letter would be published.  Lo and behold, seven letters from Angry Olds were published, a whole page Op-Ed titled, "Mad as Heck, But at Whom?"  I and six others, not all white or guys BTW, piled on this Fox-ite.  I have to say I was proud of my demographic.  Here's my letter:  (click it for readable size)

I hope you don't need a magnifying glass to read it.

So here'…