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OK, now you've made me mad. (Again)
I've said a few times in this collection of mini-commentaries that the Right seems to be nastier than the Left. Check this out.

And since Ann Coulter is the cause of my current madness, be advised I said this about her over a decade ago:

The Mother Superior of demonizers on the right is Ann Coulter. Her new book "The Church of Liberalism - Godless" paints all "Libs" with one tar soaked brush. She could have worked for any of the great Demonizers of the past. She would have been a star of the Inquisition or - need I say it - she would have been a fine lieutenant for Joseph Goebbels. She gets the right wing Medal of Honor for slimy propaganda. She is the Big Lie boogie queen.

I.e., there isn't much new for me to add except to double down on the "big lie" part. It's the same kind of lie she (and Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, et al) tell all the time, puking untruthful generalities about at least half of all U.S. …

A Blast - My First Blog GIF!

Over on me humble book blog, I needed to illustrate The Apocalypse. Searching the Net, I found hundreds of pictures. (My favorite was of the Four Horsemen was an 1887 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov, but decided it was too religiocentric (I thought I made up that word, but nooo. Bing it.)
So an H-bomb blast would have to do. Cliched, but it moved!  Thus the very first GIF for this old blogger. No big, but I celebrate small stuff all the time.  Here's the GIF:

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