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PrezElect Trump's BackAssward Infrastructure Idea

Teeth Grinding Disappointment

Oh, I'm steamed. (Putting "Ass" in a title is the clue.)

As ye faithful readers know, Olde SeniorJunior is a fervent advocate of Fixing/Improving our tattered infrastructure.

I ranted on the subject here, here, here, here & here. All fine rants, if I do say so myself.

So when our aspiring God-Emperor Leto Trump said he plans a Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Project, Trust Me...

...I actually had a moment of optimism.  Foolish fool, you were fooled again. Briefly.

Now it's all coming clear. Trump's "plan" is actually a huge giveaway to his corporate buddies, that will most likely NOT fix what needs fixing, open new projects, create new jobs, or pretty much anything else except let the rich get richer. All the rest of us will be paying Trump's buddies in tolls, higher fees for water and sewage treatment, more expensive Internet, more and bigger pipelines...and all the other benefits of "privatization." Compl…

Prez Trump and Our Burning Planet

Making Bad Worse

Trump's promises: Pull out of the Paris Accords; drill baby drill, revive coal, frack like crazy, cripple the EPA.....

Now, Mr. President, read this and put it in your "Hoax" file...

If you thought 2015 was hot, just wait Record-setting year soon will be ‘new normal’  BY   THOMAS SUMNER 11:28AM, NOVEMBER 9, 2016
From Science News - a very credible source.

Old/New Passion - Worker Cooperatives (Something to distract from thinking about Trump)

It All Started (for me) in 1975
"Old/New" is kind of perfect for a blog called "SeniorJunior," don't you think?

As a new - two years in - entrepreneur, I had a vision. It was 1975.
I and my partner Sebastian Stone were working twelve-hour days, flying all over the country seeking and serving clients, developing our systems, speaking at conferences, etc. In general we were doing the start-up boogie. AR&D (Audience Research & Development) was starting to pop. Visions are hard to come by under those circumstances, except all that time on airplanes allowed a lot of reading. 
I read a book by Louis Kelso and Mortimer J. Adler, The Capitalist Manifesto, and boom! vision time. I felt an epiphany wrapped up in the term ESOT.
We were planning expansion of staff, and we wanted the absolute best people in the radio research biz, mostly people who had impressive gigs.  Even though business was picking up, we couldn't afford them. 
And here was this idea "ES…

FIRST (small but impressive) HUMAN TEST OF NR!

The Mice Were Right *
NR (Nicotinamide Rhiboside) is the current star supplement in the Longer-Healthier-Life category (see piece below), but the vast majority of actual scientific testing of the vitamin has been on mice (and yeast, but hey...).

Now real scientists have tested it on real people and reported in a real, peer reviewed journal, Nature Communications, part of the British behemoth, Nature.

It's a small-sample study, but impressive nonetheless.  It is a part safety/side effects study and part proof-of-concept one.

The news is all good. Even at four times what was thought to be the "regular" dosage, there are zero short term side effects.  And the presumed effect (seen in mice and yeast) of boosting the helpful NAD+ is clearly proven in humans.

If you are into reading incomprehensible biochemistry, check it out here.

You can read a less intimidating summary of what NAD+ does here.


Next up in aging fixes is Senescent Cell Removal.