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Duff's New Bag

Scooter's Looming YouTube Thang

Update, New Spin, Preview-ish stuff on the post below.

You remember "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag," James Brown rocking out? Well, I'm working on a new one myself, a YouTube "channel." [I do the quotes because to me a channel is a TV thing. Old school.]

And speaking of old, the name of the channel in my mad bag pipeline is "Spider and Olde Scooter." That fine figger of a pixel pixie (I just can't help it) above is the logo of the iMac version of Spider Solitaire.
Her name is Spider Mac.
My plan is to play the game while making a mix of narration of the game, personification of Spider McGillicuty and saucy comments on pretty darn much of everything. (See the "darn?" I have taken the vow of no cussing on this channel. Also no editing. Go figure.)

The gaming set up is like this (so far):

I'm practicing a bunch, and I've imposed on several friends and relatives to see a game or two. The reviews ar…

Hypersonic Chinois

Let's Just Let China Get Ahead
It seems like just last month that I saw the Chinese seem ahead of us in super secure quantum communications. Eeeek! it WAS just last month. (See below)

Now, I open my fav aviation news site,, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but hypersonic aircraft and spaceplane leadership in China!
There was a surprise set of disclosures about China's progress in this vastly important field at a convention in China. The reporter for AvWeek said,

What has come into view is a cohesive, nationwide hypersonic research and technology program that not only shows astonishing depth and breadth, but has also produced a bewildering number of major accomplishments in a relatively short period.
All this at just the moment our new Administration in D.C. is ceding leadership all over the map, especially in scientific fields.
** "What, me worry?"

To be second or worse in this technology will kick us in each cheek: Commercial travel and mil…

New Venture - Maybe

"Spider & Olde Scooter," the beta
* I'm diversifying my collection of Ways to Waste Time. 80 year old guys need that.
My friend Roger, a tech and programming whiz, keeps showing me what can be done with minimal investment here in Net World.
Thus I've learned starting a YouTube channel is way easier than, say, writing a novel. So, by golly, I'm warming up to doing just that, start a...
                                                                                                          ... channel!
The plan is NOT to make a moom pitchers version of SeniorJunior, the enduring blog, but something maybe more fun. "Fun? You want fun? Whad'ya think of this, wussie?" (a quote from a golf game gone bad.)
Genesis of an Idea: Start with a time-wasting addiction to the game Spider Solitaire; Then a crazy coincidence that there is a spider web on the cover of A Reluctant God, my humble novel; Suddenly I discovered Twitch, the billion dollar, Amazon-owned,…


The end of patience... ??

A pal of mine writes prolifically from the rightwing perspective. I have made a sport of rebutting him. I usually put my contra-comments in blue, interspersed with what I am rebutting. He just distributed a commentary titled "Are the tactics of the Left working?"
Here's a recent example:

(After acknowledging Republicans blocked Obama)  How quickly turnabout becomes fair play and the Democrats attempt to justify their behavior by saying that it is because Donald Trump is not 'legitimate,' that he doesn't fit the mold of a President Nay, nay; we do say that, but that is NOT the justification. Regressive taxation, plutocrat-benefitting, science-crushing, military-over-diplomacy strategizing, untruths and obfuscations galore, ally-insulting, conflict-of-interest gorging, Mar-a-Lago indulging, nepotism amucking, press-attacking… THOSE are just some of the actual justificationsAND because he is diametrically opposed to their big government a…


Wait, There's More...

Just as the Chinese seem to be skipping past us (see below), the good guys - the U.S., Canada and Switzerland are pounding more research stakes into claims rich with quantum gold. To accomplish the communications marvels fictionalized in "quantum statistical networks," gazillions of atoms must be "entangled" (look it up), and that's what is happening. Right. Now.

Read about it here.