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Why Can't We Do Stuff Like This?
As perhaps you know, I am a True Believer in single payer national insurance. 

A pal sent me a bunch of links to relevant articles after we discussed the topic. (He's anti to my pro.)

Here are just a few random excerpts. Not so much to argue for single payer but to highlight that the some countries - and some journalists! - go at health care problems in a way more low-key, fact-based, research-driven, logical (FBRDL) way than our political shouting matches . Are we hard charging, pragmatic, problem solving Americans or not? Why can't be be more FBRDL on something as important as healthcare?

Those darn Danes, always showing off.
A big Danish study happens regularly that self-critiques their health care system.  Here is a single paragraph that caught my eye. Read it andimagine if you would ever see something like this in either the Democratic or Republican platform.

S W O T  The Danish Health Care System:  An Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opport…

Super Reporting

The Huge Payoff for Propaganda
Many - most, apparently - of Trump's voters still support him. Strongly.

 WHY, LORD, WHY? ...Some might ask, all things considered.
HERE'S THE ANSWER!  (Boyo, boyo, boy....)
1. For years Republicans knew that Hillary Clinton was likely to run for President, certainly from W.J. Clinton's term when Hillary went tooth and nail on behalf of his healthcare plans. She showed she had the chops, and she made a lot of Repubs nervous.

2. They commenced an indefatigable campaign of demonizing Miz Hillary, picking up the pace when she actually ran in the primary in 2008.  When she became Prez Obama's Secretary of State, the attacks kicked up a notch, graduating from the vague horror stories of Whitewater and Vince Foster and "how could she stay with Bill?" to the massively redundant hearings on Benghazi, e-mails, etc.

3. Righty radio talkers , Rush, Sean, Michael(s), Laura(s), Hugh, Charlie, Dennis,…

A Cure for Stupidity

Moved back to its original publication date in 2010.  Read it here.

The Normal Curve

Hallooooo, Statistics Fans!

Brethren and Sisteren of the Trump persuasion, we acknowledge your unique character, your commitment to your cause and your determination to stick with your Man through all sorts of powerful evidence that he has conned you totally, lied to you about important stuff and doesn't give a poop about you as actual people. Clearly he loves you when you scream for him and vote for him, so you do.

* [Trumpsters during a slow moment at the Big Rally]
After years (and years) of doing market research of various kinds, I came to believe that nearly every human characteristic is distributed among us in keeping with the "bell curve," seen below. The divisions (segments between dotted lines) are standard deviations, found with a statistical formula.
The most famous bell curve is for IQ, intelligence quotient. 100 is the mean (and the median), fifteen IQ points is the standard deviation. IQ's from 85 to 115 make up the bulk of Americans, 68.26% of us fall in th…

What the??.......


                    I have scrupulously avoided putting in pix of moi on this blog.
                          I say if you are going to break precedent, SMASH it!

Six of Scooter*

      Vain of me, for sure. But I have such cute hats, I simply must  show off
        my millinery.**
        And of course, my collection of Tees.

But seriously, folks....  This is another blatant plug for my crazed
YouTube "channel."
(Steam Calliope Music here)  See the funny hats!
                                               Play along with the exciting game!
                                               Hear deranged commentaries!
                                               Put reality aside, and...
                                               Come on inside!

S P I D E R  &  O L D E   S C O O T E R

Click it and grasp the safety bar firmly.

[Some "editions" of the game] The Hatless edition The Speechwriting editi…

An Inevitable Future?

Why Some Men Don’t Work: Video Games Have Gotten Really GoodNYTimes piece, July 3, 2017
Check eet out on A Reluctant God.

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