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AUDIOBOOK MIZ, Time Tripping with Amazing Females

Plot & Reviews HERE

Prologue and Thirty-eight Chapters
Written, Produced and Read by Olde Scooter
Give it a shot HERE

...All together in sequence, a "playlist" concoction on YouTube.
Click HEREfor the whole enchilada (all 38 chapters of the enchilada - as in "the whole")
You can either "Play All" and the book will roll out in proper order, or if you want to listen to a particular chapter, just click it, and it will play through the remaining chapters.

(Since the recording is made as a YouTube video, the audiobook part is just the audio track. The visual is a vid place holder. Try to ignore it.

If you know a sci-fi fan or somebody looking for a free audio book, please refer them here, or "share" if it's no trouble.  Thanks a bunch!

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Final Four!

2017 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards Finalists Friend of New Mexico Books: Jill Lane, Executive Director, A
SFiction - science fiction & fantasy
Douglas Arvidson                A Drop of Wizard's Blood

Scooter Duff                        MIZ: Time Tripping with Amazing Females

Zelda Leah Gatuskin           Digital Face: Stories

RJ Mirabal                           Zero Visibility Possible

FINAL FOUR! Update: MIZ is being recorded as an audiobook. The "beta" will be free. Scooter hisself is the reader, and he's an amateur at it, thus the zero bucks price. By about half way through, he will have become more competent, and even might charge for the rest. Better rush right over and get it while the getting's good. (It's a YouTube PlayList, so there is a fuzzy picture. Try to ignore it.)
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Again. In 2015 A Reluctant God got a finalist slot. Didn't win, but 'twas a thrill to be in the running. This time I'll fess up right away, however it…

Your Opportunity for Greatness, President Trump

Oh, Never Mind... Just Wishful Thinking (and that's the last update)

UPDATED 1:00 PM (MST) 10/15 

Look at the number of times "HURRICANE PROOF" is mentioned below in the "greatness" plan for rebuilding P.R.  I saw today Elon Musk and GovernorRicardo Rossell√≥ are talking "all renewable" power sources. Puerto Ricans were already talking about it, but when Elon Musk weighs in, there is a much higher likelihood of something getting done. And it sure as heck could be built to be "HURRICANE PROOF!"
Think about ELIMINATING the old-school high voltage power grid with huge towers and miles of cable, replacing them with "micro grids" that just cover small areas like cities and towns, powered by solar, wind and big storage batteries.

Never mind the politics.......
A HUGE plan is needed

Puerto Rico was CRUSHED by Hurricane Maria. The more we learn, the more terrible it looks. Like an atomic attach without the radiation. The Caribbean territory with o…

Which Democrats Do Republicans Think Will Run for President in 2020?

These Are the "Threats" to Trump in 2020 All the targets of the Pre-Smear Republican strategy

Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown,Kirsten Gillibrand,Amy Klobuchar,Chris Murphy, and Cory Booker, as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo

The "pre-smear" is digging up fake dirt, exaggerating alleged flaws, making up lies, and spending big money using all that in attack ads, innuendo-laced social media, etc., etc., et-@^$%!-cetera. It's rotten politics at its rottenest.

That's How They Smeared Hillary
They did it in spades on Hillary Clinton. The poor woman was so thoroughly pre-smeared by lies, false accusations, guilt-by-associations, conspiracy nutjob theories and endless mysogynist dog whistles, that she was carrying a high-weight handicap when her race for the Presidency finally happened. 

"Worked on Hillary; let's do it on all potential Democratic candidates," said the Republicans in their gilded conference rooms and super yachts.

"This could change the entire nature of the Russia investigation"

Mueller just obtained a warrant that could change the entire nature of the Russia investigation

Robert Mueller obtained a search warrant for records of "inauthentic" Facebook accounts
If you are a hard core newsy, or if you follow the Investigations of Robert Mueller, you've no doubt heard about the fake accounts on Facebook and the $250,000 ad buy by by Russians on Facebook.
Now Mueller has a warrant for the specifics inside the phoney accounts. It looks like a new direction for the investigation. In their piece on this news, Business Insider said:

Facebook said in its initial statement that about 25% of the ads purchased by Russians during the election "were geographically targeted," and many analysts have found it difficult to believe that foreign entities would have had the kind of granular knowledge of American politics necessary to target specific demographics and voting precincts. In a post-election interview,Kushnertold Forbesthat he had been keenly interest…

russia, china, russia, china EXPLAINED

Russia, China and  Chinese, Russian

military, atomic, weapons propaganda, fake news

THIS IS A TEST .... sorry about that.  I was testing the idea that a certain portion of the page views on this elderly blog were "bot probes" from either Russia or China.  The theory is that all new posts (all!) on various blog and Twitter platforms are scanned by RorC A.I.s and are clicked to look for useful propaganda - or security flaws.  It was just my guess that the bots look for"military, atomic, weapons propaganda, fake news" words.

So far, the evidence is ambiguous.  If it clears up, I will report. You decide.

How to Spot a Bot+

Bots (on-line "comments" from roBots) are pretty dumb - but they are getting smarter.
Learn to smell 'em out. With practice, you can stay as smart as the bots. Here are a few tips for your smeller.  If you read "comments" on any web site, look for these "tells."
1. They are quick. Bot comments roll out immediately after actual reader comments that contain certain key words or phrases the A.I. in the bot recognizes as a "key." Actual human responders typically take a little longer. 2. They are generic. Bots have meme-heavy, specifics-light responses. "Another big government fan, I see," is common. "You must hate the Constitution," is another. "Go home to your safe place," "Once a commie, always a commie," "Put her in jail,"  etc., etc.  3. Sometimes they use stupid grammar. Bots don't get a lot of copy editing in the propaganda mills from whence they ooze. "You need a smart when you t…

No Commercials!

Public/Community Radio Rides Roaringly; Roger Dodger A "Pledge Week" Pitch

One of our Albuquerque Public Radio Stations (we have two!) is KUNM. I have been involved with the station in various ways for years. I helped conduct focus groups with their listeners and I served on their board for four years. It's a really good station, something of a hybrid that may be unique in the country in that is is a "Public" station and a "Community" station. (Don'tcha see?)
This has been pledge week, and they manage to make it quite interesting - a creative challenge.
As an exercise in keeping it interesting, I wrote this little ditty:

We don’t say it enough, but what we are asking you to support is a non-commercial station. One of the biggest differences between commercial and non-commercial stations are their business plans - how they pay all the costs of running a radio station. Both privately or corporately owned and public stations very successfully fund th…

Keeping Our China Eyes Open

Another Bid For World Leadership Blasting at Boeing and Airbus
As any reader of this blog knows, I am warily watching China as it pursues its ambition to be the world leader in field after field. Already they are passing us in renewable energy - one of the greatest potential business sectors on Earth.  I am worried about their rapidly expanding efforts in military weaponry, space technology, artificial intelligence and robotics. Their huge population, immense wealth and focused government all aim at regional dominance, with world dominance not far behind.

Commercial jetliners for Chinese domestic travel will be one of the largest manufacturing sectors over the next decades, and - surprise! - it's a sector China is determined to own. With airplanes that can capture that market, you can bet they will become competitive on the international markets.

The USA has held a clear lead in aerospace for decades with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies and more. The E.U. has a huge p…

Build Back Better

It's a Rare Chance To Do It Better This Time.... Bury Them!
Not immediately, of course. Service must be restored. It's TERRIBLE being without electricity in September in the SouthEast. No air conditioning is torture. No refrigeration is sickening. No traffic lights is dangerous.  BUT... Don't spend all the money it takes to totally rebuild the same old system. At least get a start on a weather-proof distribution grid. Do the absolute minimum to restore service, and start......

It's not going to happen. Those poles will be replace with MORE POLES!
Instead of putting these guys to work everywhere, unleash the fast trenching machines, buy miles of new, high tech, super tough underground cables, and never have the grid knocked down again!
Talk about improving the infrastructure!
Whether it's hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes or drunk drivers taking down our vital electric grid, the cure-all is BURY THEM! The economic argument for a re…

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