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The Pure-Insult NASTYBOT [and it's hate child, NASTYBOD] *Job Description:  Turn American against American, Black against White, Jew against Gentile, Everybody against Muslims, Republicans against Democrats, South against North, Cities against Rural, Texas against California... oh you know.  All of us at each others' throats is bad for America, good for Russia (and China, Iran, North Korea and some others.) That's NASTYBOT's job How, you might ask, does this ugly gremlin with bad breath accomplish this? It's liddle twitter brain algorithm looks at tweets and "comments" for something on a big list of "trigger" words and phrases. Then it selects an apropos short response and puts it in the right format and sends it.  "Apropos" means: Mean, nasty, insulting, demeaning, dismissive, gross or outrageous. Or several and sometimes all of them. (Never any real substance) It's enough to get your goat, raise your blood pressure, fire your ire, and …

Monsters You Might Have Overlooked

I'm Talking "Monster" News Stories, BTW (Forgive the seasonal tricks... the treats are below)

The SuperTech Beast That Ate Our Politics You might have noticed I'm very disturbed about this combination of computational linguistics, A.I. big data analysis and very hardcore rightwingism... Owned by billionaire rightwing ideologue Robert Mercer, this outfit MADE FAKE NEWS WORK on behalf of DJTrump. Oh, and they did lying on a cosmic scale to PUSH BREXIT. And heaven knows what they are up to at this very moment!
--A powerful piece with the latest updates on the CAC (Cambridge Analytical Catastrophe) is in the Oct 29th London Guardian.  Gather your courage and check it out here.

How About "I always believed that, but now I learn I'm WRONG!" ???
I always believed the world's great jungles and rain forests were absorbing CO2 like crazy, helping keep global warming at bay. Oh sure, I was concerned about rampant deforestation, but hey, there are so many giant jung…

My New Passion - Reconciliation

When You Are Falling Apart The Only Thing to Do Is Get Yourself Together.
We're at each other's throats.
*I was indulging my penchant to "comment" on Breitbart's very active comments sections. This was on Stephen Bannon's speech to the California Republicans on the 20th, I think. Great carping and RINO bashing plus the usual snarling at Liberals, the cancers of humanity, etc. It Hit Me.  We're falling apart quite rapidly. Brother against sister, wife against husband, neighbor against neighbor... Just like The Rooskies would like us to be. Fastest way to break tip a champion team is to get the players feuding. 
[In my opinion, about 50% of the nasties on Breitbart are Russian bots. The insulting, demeaning, pure nasty tone of many of the shorter retorts are bot-popped in there with sophisticated placement. The real Breitbartian folks, not only the"hard core," "alt-right," "Trump uber alles" folks, but many plain old Republican conse…

They Are "Whupping our butts" in The Propaganda War

It's "Asymmetrical Warfare"***

Russia is spending megabucks to divide Americans, one from the other We are spending bupkis in fighting back
Breaking News:  They are still at it. Pouring lies, fake news, rumors, conspiracy theories, hateful insults, racial triggers, homophobia... oh ALL KINDS of poisonous crap... straight into our gullible mouths.  THEY ARE EVEN BECOMING "FAKE LIBERALS," just to make us hate each other more.

They want us hating each other, splitting America into snarling camps. What better way to weaken the USA?

Read all about it. (You owe it to your country to know what's happening here.)

The Guardian
CNN Money
Foreign Policy Review

.... or simply Google/Bing "Russian election influence," or "Russian bot and trolls" or "KGB social media tactics"

...And Trumpsters were helping them.* (You got exactly the ad/meme/"comment" that exploited your worst biases.) Billionaire Trumpsters Robert and Rebekah M…

Looking for Bots in All The Wrong Places

... And Likewise, Looking for Russian Troll Farmers in All the Wrong Places Everyone is onto the Rooskies for their dirty tricks, fake news, conspiracy theories and hate ads on Facebook and Twitter. Heck, even Congress seems to know about that! BUT... ...The Russians have a big secret.  **
What is it? They are flooding "Comments" sections on dozens of sites with lies, fake news, exaggerations, and hateful comments, turning Americans against one another. Short, nasty comments like "Did you get stupid in college, or were you born that way?" and "Another Libtard wants his mommy..." mostly come from BOTS. (Tips on spotting bots here.) Longer comments are from trolls, actual people like in the picture above, drawing from language they stole from real right wing nasties, mostly just after Trump won. Lots of "You lost, we won, get over it." They also quote Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage a lot. (Tips on spotting trolls and bots here.)
I say WA…

Watch China Watch the Sky...

... While the U.S. watches our President Ignore our sky watcher
Chinese!  Brand new and up and running. Twice as big as our Arecibo radio telescope and already making discoveries, this monster rig in China will be making astronomical history AND be vital to Chinese deep space activities. Like their plans to go to Mars.

Meanwhile, back in Puerto Rico...

. “I fear that if there is significant damage, that will provide the decision point to decommission the observatory,” says space scientist John Mathews of Pennsylvania State University in State College. (There is SIGNIFICANT damage)
He hasn't even got our hands around rescuing the whole island, so fat chance President Trump is going to save one of our great scientific instruments.
I stay worried about China passing us in one leadership role after another. It doesn't help when our leaders seem to help them along.
Other Chinese worries Electric cars... Here Airliners... Herehere Hypersonic weapons... Herehere Robots... Here Quantum c…

The "Mental Health" Excuse for Doing Nothing

“Mental Health,” the Excuse for Never Having Gun Regulation by a Clinical Psychologist [The gun issue is frequently discussed among my friends. This blog post was written by one pal, with credentials out the juazoo.]

"The List," Folks Too Crazy to Buy a Gun The emphasis on mental health makes me pun intended.  A list of people too dangerous to have guns because of their mental health? That assumes such diagnosis is possible. It’s not.
The most difficult thing to predict is if someone is actually going to "act" on his/her mental condition. It’s functionally almost impossible. 
When a clinician is seriously concerned that a patient is at some risk for suicidal or homicidal behavior, it is NOT the first thing you do to report him to the Feds. You contact family and make sure there are no firearms in the home.  But are you going to put every depressed person on a watch list?
Which disorders beyond depression are you going to include...psychoses like schizophrenia, o…

Teddy and Bernie

By Gosh, I Think I've Got It! Bernie caught some gaff for having a narrow focus campaign. Here's how he's going to broaden it out. IMHO. And that doesn't mean he's running for anything,  just being Bernie.

I was zapping through the pile of political pitches I get everyday on my old fashioned e-mail (, zap, zap, zap... Congressmen from Colorado, Florida, Ohio... on and on, Democrats I never heard of, but I'm on "The List." I don't get irritated, I just get rid of the ads; I mean after all, they're Democrats. After I finished my zapping, I had a snack and set to recording another audiobook chapter. Then it hit me, based on one of the ads I zapped.  Here 'tis: It was when I dragged it up again that I noticed it was a Bernie ad, and I said, "That's it!" Do you how many great quotes flowed from Teddy R? About half of them are pure Bernie-isms. Teddy was rough riding on the mega corporations of HIS time. Pure Bernie! Teddy me…


Think You Are Good at Using Search Engines?
Find this fact for me and you will be LIONIZED on good old SeniorJunior! *
The UNFINDABLE (to me so far) Fact:
Total expenditure in the U.S. on health insurance premiums to for-profit health insurance companies?????
If you search exactly that (just above^) question, you get a fine US News & World Report article, but it's still impossible to know the answer to this question.
Statistica also has some answers, but EVERYBODY COMBINES HEALTH AND LIFE INSURANCE premiums for analysis. (Why do they do that?)  Much of the data is "per-capita," but omits the uninsured, etc. 
I searched for this very basic piece of information for a good hour. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd believe the for-profit health insurance companies have made a huge (and successful) effort to hide this number.  **
It's definitely huge. Combine all the employer-provided health insurance, all the privately-purchased, union purchased, local and state gover…

Bot Spotting - Seriously

If you have opinions, and you have "proof," better check your sources!

Here is a detailed method of spotting bot tweets; twelve techniques:

The trick in some cases is finding the non-human number of tweets.

@BlackManTrump, a hyperactive account, posted 89,944 tweets between August 28, 2016 and December 19, 2016 (see archivehere), an average of 789 posts per day.

The account @sunneversets100, an amplifier of pro-Kremlin messaging, was created on November 14, 2016. On August 28, 2017, it was 288 days old. In that period, it posted 203,197 tweets (again, the exact figure can be found by hovering the mouse over the “Tweets” entry).

Watch for "Amplification"
When a fake news story gets re-tweeted a bunch, you might think "Gee, it must be true. I see it everywhere."
You are the victim of classic BIG LIE propaganda technique in the social media world. Remember, the Russians are the world leaders in weaponized propaganda. Just think about their e…

Good Heavens!

Now That's a Big Fan

Whether your are an aircraft buff or not, this is fascinating stuff,
especially since just last week a superjumbo A-380 experienced what it's like when one of these monster fans comes apart in midair.

Don't Let Me Make You Pessimistic


General Motors is going all electric* Excellent description of long range planning, with 2 new electric models now and 20 over the next 6 years. Ford is
coming along too.  Like Volvo,VW, BMW, Mercedes and all 
the Japanese and Korean car companies, they see the 
writing on the charging station.  Thank heavens.

STILL... watch out for China.


China Could Pass Us Again

China’s New Electric Car Rules Are Amazingly Aggressive So they are out to pass us in another important category. AND their electric cars will compete with ours bigly.

Renault, Nissan, & Dongfeng To Build $8,000 Electric Car In China... And their purely domestic car manufacturers are going great guns.  The Chinese government is pushing this trend in their usual, easy going way, setting California-like quotas that every car company must meet, starting in 2019.  U.S. car companies are scrambling for Chinese partners to help them.

Importance?  If America is to keep up in this, the FUTURE OF AUTOMOBILES, we better get off our duffs. (We are, sort of. See below)

As perhaps you know, Olde Duffer here is plenty concerned about U.S. leadership vis-a-vis China.

Worry warts:
Airliners... Herehere
Hypersonic weapons... Herehere
Robots... Here
Quantum communications... Here; here