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Sneaking In My Advocacy for Single Payer    Single payer HEALTH INSURANCE, that is.
I've mentioned that I am an almost-compulsive "comment" writer on several newspaper sites. Haven't I?
Well, maybe two or three a day!  Whenever I see the chance, I sneak in something supporting "Medicare for all," "Single payer" or whatever. Check these three tap dances.

Washington Post -  David Ignatius: Hypersonics should make a Sputnik moment. 11.7.18 duffworx
Is the U.S. now even capable of a Sputnik moment? I'm worried that it's not, based on the 45% who apparently long for a plutocratic autocracy, yet are repelled by anything so "socialist" as keeping our workforce healthy with Single Payer, much less an national industrial policy. It's not just AI where the Hand of the Market is fumbling; the Chinese just demonstrated quantum radar - which greatly deteriorates our super-expensive stealth fleets. And don't get me started on hypersonics, su…

News You Probably Haven't Seen

And This Just in Our Little World from Southern New Mexico to Central Colorado Why you missed it if you don't live here. Hint: It's "evironmental" news

Here are a week's worth of big-time serious news, collected the New Mexico Political Report, a newsletter.

•On Sunday, wastewater from a well operated by BPX in southern Colorado leaked into the Animas Citizens Ditch and Animas River. As a precaution, the cities of Farmington and Aztecboth shut down the intake pumps that draw drinking water from the river. The Durango Herald and Farmington Daily Times

That's the same river system that took the hit from the Gold King Mine spill. 

• Fortunately, no one was hurt on Wednesday at a Noble Energy site when thousands of gallons of diesel fuel ignited inWeld County, ColoradoSmoke was visible in Denver and residents living within a mile of the accident were evacuated. ABC Denver Blair Miller

(BTW,  Colorado’s recent amendment requiring oil and gas wells be set back 2,500 fee…

Really Rotten Loser

The Judge Who Threw a Tantrum [Texas politics, doncha know]
Ousted GOP judge randomly released a group of defendants because that’s “what the voters wanted”*

MIFFED! (Ex-)Judge Republican Glenn Devlin arbitrarily released a bunch of juvenile defendants (some dangerous) because "That's what the Democrats wanted!" after he lost his race.  Very mature of you, Judge. (Kind of Trumpian, though.)

Judge cartoon credit
*Story source;  Story source 2

The NRA, Masters of Bad Timing

Whoo boy... The NRA Steps in It Big Time One day before the Thousand Oaks shooting

NRA: "“Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane. Half of the articles in Annals of Internal Medicine are pushing for gun control,” the NRA tweeted. “Most upsetting, however, the medical community seems to have consulted NO ONE but themselves.” (Like call the NRA!)

Surgeons: "...

Replying to @NRA You’re never the ones elbows-deep in someone’s body trying to keep them from dying of their gunshot wounds. You’re never the ones telling someone their loved one is dead. Come into my trauma bay and deal with the results of your insanity with me, or stay out of MY lane.
292 5:53 AM - Nov 9, 2018
Plus a

Lovable Billionaire Immigrant*

Born in Russia, Dual British and American Citizenship Gives $200 Million to Harvard for Translational Medicine  ("Translating" scientific discoveries to actual drugs and treatments)
Amidst all the anti-immigrant shouting, there is the hard truth that new immigrants are America's most successful class of entrepreneurs.  Some 25% of all successful new startups in the country were founded by immigrants. Something about picking up and moving from one's country of origin to a new life in America identifies smart people with powerful risk-taking instincts. Check it out.

America's super power is it's diversity. 

* Those darn immigrants

There Goes the Stealthiness

Quantum Radar Can See the Stealthiest
Those Darn Chinese Did It Again...

China Shows Off First Quantum Radar PrototypeNov 5, 2018Aerospace Daily & Defense Report *

You surely know I'm worried about China taking the lead in critical fields**. This latest could be the most expensive (for us) yet, making our super-expensive stealth weapons quite visible.

How Many Billions Has and Is the U.S. Spending on Stealth?  QUITE A LOT, ACTUALLY.  $Billions and Billions and Billions (read "Trillions")

Here's the way it works (for "how does it work?" fans) The principle of quantum radar is well understood. The device creates a stream of entangled photons, which is then split into two streams. One of them is converted into a microwave frequency that is transmitted and reflected like a traditional radar. The other str

A Tragi-Cartoon


The Ad Plan to Save America

(Just one of..) America's Forgotten Super Powers
.... And because many of us have forgotten it, we risk falling into narrow tribalism, ethnic revulsion, religious hatred and vile racism, all "not good" for national unity. 

E pluribus unum, not so much.

Ok, PR/Ad/Pundit pros, here’s the plan. Use your talent and skills to “sell” the truth that one of America’s great strengths is its diversity. Or, in your mode, “ONE OF

Use a thousand truthful anecdotes, all supporting the message. The super hard working first generation immigrant; the super successful technical team with a technicolor staff; the history of super inventors from all races; the super hero minorities of American battles… etc, etc. Note “super,” all part of the unique super powers of America.

You can do it. Sell, sell, sell the actual, truthful, helpful, peaceful benefits of diversity, the very same diversity that fear mongers sell, sell, sell as terrifying and supporti…