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The "Hidden" Causes of Obesity

Lookee, lookee... the "press" might be waking up to stuff a modest blogger has been saying for a while.
The Obesity Epidemic Isn't Just About Willpower"Overeaters now find themselves in the same category as smokers or drug addicts, tainted with the aura of moral weakness and lack of willpower." so sayethU.S. News & World Report.

Check out:
The Fat American Mystery - New Clues [Updated]Hopeless Fat [Updated]Plastics for Obeisity, Cancer and Diabetes - UPDATESo maybe America (and a lot of the rest of the world) didn't just suddenly lose its willpower after all? Maybe the processed food industry and the chemical industry had something to do with it?

Health Insurance Being HONEST?

Er....I mean...

The bizarre PriceWaterhouse Coopers "research" released by American's Health Insurance Plans (the health insurance industry) is the perfect argument for the PUBLIC OPTION.

Check out their conclusions as you can by any media report or direct reference to their "research."

I keep putting that in quotes because research it ain't. It is skewed, selective "fact" choice and strongly biased conclusions meant to frighten Americans into seeing healthcare reform as the bigbadboogieman. I hope we are a society too savvy to fall for that emotional BS.

But non-fear-laden conclusions from what they say about private insurance premiums in light of the Baucus Committee bill (sort of) say volumes about where the private health insurance companies are AT.

1. If they can't get a "safe" risk pool (98% of the population), they can't make their God-granted profit margin. (As it is, they create safe pools by weeding out the sick people w…