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That Fading Christmas Spirit

The War Over Christmas

The rightest of rightwing memes is "the war on Christmas," allegedly being waged by the godless left. Maybe that's why I just can't whip up the spirit.

There must be a war going on somewhere around this sacred holiday, 'cause something has almost done in my Christmas spirit.  This is serious.  That lovely warm glow that has always accompanied the season and fogged out some of the distress of everything from shopping to watching the news has abandoned me this year.  First time ever.

Maybe it is the news itself.  Sixty million folks displaced by war, famine, terror and the like.

That would be about the population of England or France, or Italy. When I think of all those folks, the kids, the grandparents, the moms and dads, so totally out of luck, it makes a trip to Target seem, I don't know, un-spiritual.

And politics! Great heavens, what craziness abounds from the Republicans. They have become untethered from facts, science and ... trut…