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The "Quantum Statistical Network" Up & Running?

One of the assumptions in my sci-fi novel A Reluctant God is that an instantaneous form of communications has been developed.  It has essentially infinite range, huge bandwidth, total security and error free. Pretty good, eh?  Way sci-fi.

Nobody I know seems aware that the Chinese put up a quantum communications satellite last August. I just found out myself.

Here is a report from January this year saying it's working fine!


So, NASA, DARPA, Prez Trump.... where's the U S of A's response? In A Reluctant God, the "Quantum Statistical Network" was a huge military edge.

(Seems like if one wants to spend a bunch of buck$ on Defense, this would be a starting point.)

Should you get a copy of the book - GREAT idea! - you can read all about the "Quantum Statistical Network" in the "Historical Notes" at the end.

Check the book ad on Amazon.


Is it big, important medical news in theMar 3 Science?

Heaven knows we need some good news, amidst all the crashing cymbals of budget cuts to science, environmental, medical and basic research, Meals on Wheels, for God's sake and the destruction of the opioid recovery efforts addressing a current plague.

It's not just the desire for a beat with a little bit of up in it, it's the hunger for distraction from the drumbeat of marching feet toward the past that never was, leaving the present in shambles.

Enough bemoaning! On to the good news.  [Which, BTW, I have not seen the "Mainstream Media" mention this, not even adjacent to stories about the opioid epidemic. Maybe I just missed it.]

The headline in Science Magazine (main journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, y'know) might be part of the reason the MSM, besotted with Trumpishness, hasn't jumped all over this:

A nontoxic pain killer  designed by modeling of  pathological receptor…