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Graphics from The Whitehouse


Not since Ross Perot has a major politico used graphics to "draw" the facts.

Finally, Austan Goolsbee gives it a shot. 'Tain't perfect, but it's pretty good.

[ NOT Austan Goolsbee ]

Check it out.

I reiterate my many-times-recommended-to-Prez-Obama plea: "Use graphics; Use video; Use stills; USE VISUALS to make your points.

The Biggest News on Earth

Geometric Growth!

"Modern science is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and the amount of scientific data is doubling every year."

And that's the biggest story I can find anywhere. The quote is from the 27 August issue of Science Magazine, but their reference is back to a 2005 paper. If you Google (or any other search engine) "Scientific data doubles every year" you'll see what I mean.
It's enough to make you optimistic.
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Papa of Propaganda

Ever Heard of Edward Bernays?

Forget about (well, you know...) Hitler's guy Joseph Goebbels or Stalin's guy Molotov. They just gave propaganda a bad name. But Bernays basically invented it.

From his 1925 book ORGANIZING CHAOS, the first paragraph:

THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

Bernay's first task was to drag the screaming isolationist U.S.A. into World War I.
... with stuff like this:

Then he parlayed his techniques into a big P.R. business. His first biggy account was a ciggy account - Chesterfield. This dude convinced women is was cool and sexy to smoke.

... with stuff like this: All rights reserved by Christian Montone

But Propaganda wasn't "bad" until the Nazis and the Commies used it to brainwash their pop…