Take Me Home, Microbiome

"Over the Line"   "Well, it's kind of newsworthy." "You have a strange mind, Duff." "I hear the biome has a lot of control over your sex drive." "Gross." "Well, it's a big medical discovery, all that." "I'm going to talk to mine like you talk to a baby in your belly." (Some comments from early readers who could actually think of something to say.)

It's in the bookstores (Amazon, that is)!  It's published, available, for sale. At long, darn last.

Get it?

 Science Fiction has no fear. It treads on subjects you might think odd to be trod. But I am just super impressed with the tidal wave of discoveries about MICROBIOMES. Everybody and pretty much every living thing has a microbiome. They are vital to healthy life... heck, to life itself!

A lot of people I talk to completely underestimate the human microbiome. There's a chance I overestimate it, but I think not.  In and on your body there is a vast army of good microbes who work together to control bad ones that come and go in your world - and in your alimentary canal. That army needs for you to succeed, be healthy, live long and be happy. That microbiome works 24/7 to make that happen. You're happy; your microbiome is happy. These stories are about the next step in helpful microbiome evolution. That's when it becomes conscious - sentient, and very intelligent. 

I'm Mr. Back Cover. My job, grab your interest.
If you know any sci-fi fans with open minds about subject matter, please pass this on to them. They will wonder what got into you.

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