The Ad Plan to Save America

(Just one of..) America's Forgotten Super Powers

.... And because many of us have forgotten it, we risk falling into narrow tribalism, ethnic revulsion, religious hatred and vile racism, all "not good" for national unity. 

E pluribus unum, not so much.
No, YOU forgot about the joys of diversity.

Ok, PR/Ad/Pundit pros, here’s the plan. Use your talent and skills to “sell” the truth that one of America’s great strengths is its diversity. Or, in your mode, “ONE OF 

Lookout, World, here we come!
Use a thousand truthful anecdotes, all supporting the message. The super hard working first generation immigrant; the super successful technical team with a technicolor staff; the history of super inventors from all races; the super hero minorities of American battles… etc, etc. Note “super,” all part of the unique super powers of America.

American Institute of Mathematics Gang
You can do it. Sell, sell, sell the actual, truthful, helpful, peaceful benefits of diversity, the very same diversity that fear mongers sell, sell, sell as terrifying and supportive of racism, nativism and xenophobia. You can do it!

Looking up... Way better than looking down!

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