Watch China Watch the Sky...

... While the U.S. watches our President Ignore our sky watcher

Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope nicknamed Tianyan
Chinese!  Brand new and up and running. Twice as big as our Arecibo radio telescope and already making discoveries, this monster rig in China will be making astronomical history AND be vital to Chinese deep space activities. Like their plans to go to Mars.

Meanwhile, back in Puerto Rico...

.. and the prognosis ain't good

“I fear that if there is significant damage, that will provide the decision point to decommission the observatory,” says space scientist John Mathews of Pennsylvania State University in State College. (There is SIGNIFICANT damage)

He hasn't even got our hands around rescuing the whole island, so fat chance President Trump is going to save one of our great scientific instruments.

I stay worried about China passing us in one leadership role after another. It doesn't help when our leaders seem to help them along.

Other Chinese worries
Electric cars... Here
Airliners... Herehere
Hypersonic weapons... Herehere 
Robots... Here
Quantum communications... Herehere


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