Keeping Our China Eyes Open

Another Bid For World Leadership
Blasting at Boeing and Airbus

As any reader of this blog knows, I am warily watching China as it pursues its ambition to be the world leader in field after field. Already they are passing us in renewable energy - one of the greatest potential business sectors on Earth.  I am worried about their rapidly expanding efforts in military weaponry, space technology, artificial intelligence and robotics. Their huge population, immense wealth and focused government all aim at regional dominance, with world dominance not far behind.

Commercial jetliners for Chinese domestic travel will be one of the largest manufacturing sectors over the next decades, and - surprise! - it's a sector China is determined to own. With airplanes that can capture that market, you can bet they will become competitive on the international markets.

The New Chinese C919
The USA has held a clear lead in aerospace for decades with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies and more. The E.U. has a huge player in Airbus.

These solid American assets are soon to be challenged by China.

"...There is now little doubt that China is well on its way to succeeding where several other countries have failed in becoming a full-fledged player in the large commercial aircraft manufacturing sector, with the potential to disrupt the long-standing duopoly of Airbus and Boeing in commercial jets." Aviation Week 

                                                         State of the Art C919 cockpit

This can be another American Century -- or NOT. The Trump administration seems to be abandoning our leadership role in science, technology and education. There are major forces ready to assume our position.


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