China Could Pass Us Again

China’s New Electric Car Rules Are Amazingly Aggressive

So they are out to pass us in another important category. AND their electric cars will compete with ours bigly.

Just look how primitive those Chinese charging stations are!

Renault, Nissan, & Dongfeng To Build $8,000 Electric Car In China

... And their purely domestic car manufacturers are going great guns.  The Chinese government is pushing this trend in their usual, easy going way, setting California-like quotas that every car company must meet, starting in 2019.  U.S. car companies are scrambling for Chinese partners to help them.

Importance?  If America is to keep up in this, the FUTURE OF AUTOMOBILES, we better get off our duffs. (We are, sort of. See below)

As perhaps you know, Olde Duffer here is plenty concerned about U.S. leadership vis-a-vis China.

Worry warts:
Airliners... Herehere
Hypersonic weapons... Herehere 
Robots... Here
Quantum communications... Here; here


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