Two of Our Several Plagues

The Plastic Tsunami and Deadly Super Bugs
... to go along with Global Warming and Overpopulation
   ... and War, Pestilence, Famine and other old line plagues

Don't get all cozy and cuddly just ignoring these lower profile challenges.

[Global warming/climate change gets most of the conversation because it's 'controversial,' and hey, we love controversy, particularly of the "Is! Is Not!" variety.]

10 million lives could be lost to superbugs                                  (Or many, many more in a superbug pandemic)

10 million lives could be lost to superbugs - so how far have we got in the race to beat them?*[Not to be all negative, there is some hope on this front.]

It's Still Pretty Much ALL NEGATIVE on the Plastics Front.
Not Controversial... So not talked about as much.  But these are genuine plagues, and like the occupants of the richest castles learned in the Black Death days, there is no hiding from a real plague. 
The "Superbug" plague will be fought in labs and hospitals. Big Animal Ag will have to do its part by cutting down on antibiotic use. Doctors and patients must stop overusing them. Government will have to get off its lobbyist larded backside and write some reasonable regulations.
The "Plastic Tsunami" plague must be fought by you and me, in our homes and in our purchasing habits.  
Re-Use; Re-Cycle; Find Alternatives
Since plastic is a humongous industry, you can bet they are not interested in cutting down its use. It's up to us, the consumers. 
Check this out:
10 easy ways to cut plastic out of your life

Stay safe out there...


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