OK, I'm Riding This Horse

(I've done this numerous time over the looong course of this blogging hobby.  Gone All In with something. I'm All In on worrying about the troll/bot cyber war, All In on getting worried about China passing us all over the place, All In on piping water from the wet east to the dry west of this country, AI on global warming, AI on evolution explaining everything... on and on. At least once it's been embarrassingly wrong, but hey...) 

Now I'm going All In on SENOLYTICS.
(Meaning I'll do several more posts whooping up any new findings.)

I like"It's conceivable" statements.
“It is conceivable that the rapidly emerging
repertoire of senolytic agents might
 transform medicine as we know it.”
... says James L. Kirkland MD, PhD of Mayo Clinic (guy on lower left.*)

Things are just getting rolling big time on finding and testing senolytic drugs and combinations of drugs and nutraceuticals. However, there is a pink wave of research showing how clearing out senescent cells - the thing senolytics does - is widely beneficial. As in "transforms medicine as we know it." 

More to Get Excited About 
Among the chronic conditions successfully treated by depleting senescent cells in preclinical studies are frailty, cardiac dysfunction, vascular hyporeactivity and calcification, diabetes mellitus, liver steatosis, osteoporosis, vertebral disk degeneration, pulmonary fibrosis, and radiation‐induced damage.

Last time I heard claims that extreme was from a patent medicine salesman on late night TV in 1972.

AND, there's promising research on Alzheimers.

If you check out this blog occasionally, you know I've been dancing to the senolytics tune for a while - nothing new here.  I just wanted to formally declare I'm ALL IN.

"All In" = Olde Scooter seal  of approval.

Three doctors credit


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