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One More Word to Learn - In the Growing Jungle of Med-words:


That’s a class of drugs (and of some dietary supplements) 
that specializes in cleaning out the senescent cells that build
up in your bod.

Here from “NATURE Communications” is a taste of the reason
this cleaning out is a good idea:

“Aging is the main risk factor for many chronic degenerative diseases and cancer. Increased senescent cell burden in various tissues is a major contributor to aging and age-related diseases. Recently, a new class of drugs termed senolytics were demonstrated to extending healthspan, reducing frailty and improving stem cell function in multiple murine models of aging.”*
OK, I'm a little senescent.

That “extending healthspan” business caught my attention.
My 80 year old brain (almost 81!) likes the sound of that.*

The drugs getting a lot of attention are in a class of "HSP90 Inhibitors"
and they wipe up senescent cells quite nicely. There's a lot of
excitement about how this will improve us old folks' lives by beating
back some of the chronic b.s. that drives us into nursing homes. I'm
pulling for Pharma to get this baby tested and in our formularies!

The Non-Drug Senolytic Natural Substances

While we wait for the HSP90 Inhibitors to come to our pharmacies, there are
substances you can get from your supplement suppliers right now.
As Pub-Med puts it:
"There are examples of promising natural compounds that appear to satisfy all the requirements to develop senescence- targeted health promoting nutraceuticals. Tocotrienols (T3s) and quercetin (QUE), albeit belonging to different phytochemical classes, display similar and promising effects "in vitro" when tested in normal and cancer cells. Both compounds have been shown to induce senescence and promote apoptosis in a multitude of cancer lines. Conversely, they display senescence delaying activity in primary cells and rejuvenating effects in senescent cells."**

Quercetin is in my "extended health span" supplement pile. Tocotrienols, not yet.

I PREDICT (I love predicting) that quercetin is going to become a hot supplement,
taken by NFL players, distance runners, aging plutocrats and everyone in
Silicon Valley. 

Synolytics to clean out your grubby senescent cells, and to impress your friends
with a word they never heard of.

And from the Mayo Clinic:
  • By Megan Forliti

Mayo Clinic researchers review the clinical potential of senolytic drugs on aging

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Researchers are moving closer to realizing the clinical potential of drugs that have previously been shown to support healthy aging in animals. In a review article published online in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Mayo Clinic aging experts say that, if proven to be effective and safe in humans, these drugs could be “transformative” by preventing or delaying chronic conditions as a group instead of one at a time.

The drugs being tested are called senolytic agents, because they target senescent cells. These are cells that have stopped dividing and secrete toxic chemicals that damage adjacent cells. Accumulation of senescent cells, which increases with age, is associated with chronic conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, most cancers, dementia, arthritis, osteoporosis, and frailty.***

[I started this thread Aug 2016.]

*If you likes your science straight, read this
** More layman-ish, but still credible.
*** Read the Mayo piece here.



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