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What's Wrong With Us?

Why can't we bring political pressure to bear where it can improve our health?  Why can't BPA, with lots of proven nasty effects on our bodies, simply be eliminated?  Who's pulling what strings?

See if this looks like it needs regulating:
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YOU CAN GET A CRAZY AMOUNT OF BPA FROM CASH REGISTER RECEIPTS BY PAUL RAUBER Schematic diagram of the transmission of BPA from thermal receipts to your skin and the food you eat.  Ever since early exposes showed the endocrine-system-disrupting effects of the industrial chemical BPA, manufacturers have discontinued its use in water bottles, baby bottle, and binkies. (That's why everyone drinks their water out of metal containers these days.) In estimating human exposure to the gender-bending chemical these days, federal regulators assume that the main source of exposure to BPA is from food and beverage packaging. However, a new study by Frederi…