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Bonham Daily Favorite in the New Yorker Magazine

That's My Hometown Paper

Talk about a media rush. I'm thumbing through The New Yorker, checking out the cartoons first as always, and ZOWEE! There is a picture of The Bonham Daily Favorite. Holy cats, etc.  

The Daily Favorite is more to me than my home towner; I was once an employee. I was a "combo announcer" at KFYN, the 250 watt, 1420 kHz, AM daytimer station when it was owned by the Favorite. That was in 1952.* 

It's in THIS edition. Jan 28, 2019

Bonham, Texas has about 10,000 souls now, 7000 in 1952. A growth market!
update, UPDATE
     I was so excited about seeing the picture of the Daily Fav, that I rushed to blog about it.  Then I read the piece. It's really an extraordinary,  15 pager by Pulitzer winning biographer Robert A. Caro on his experiences researching his massive The Years of Lyndon Johnson biography, five volumes, going on six.      The closest thing to a mention of the Bonham Daily Favorite is about Caro doin…

About @#$% Time!

With Pain Still Fresh, Lawmakers Make Push to Outlaw Shutdowns+
Your can make your ideas clear here, dear. Never fear.

Like our country depended on it.

A government shutdown is the essence
of shooting oneself in the foot.

Over-The-Top New Deal

You Think the GREEN New Deal is Progressive? (I do, and I'm all for it, but why not go for the gold?)

Over-The-Top New Deal
     The central objective of any "OTT New Deal" should be to END "paycheck to paycheck" as a big American way of life. We are hearing  a lot about government employees, out of work because of the Wall shutdown, with no cushion. People are in dire straits because they are living paycheck to paycheck. And you can believe most P2P people are not saving for their retirement. Even with totally dependable paychecks - as one previously assumed federal government work provided - that's still no way to run a workforce. 
     America is clearly leaving vast swaths of its population out in the cold. Full time jobs not paying a living wage. No benefits. No job security. No confidence that things will get better. 
     Security and confidence make people more productive as employees, more likely to become entrepreneurs, more effective as parents and le…

The Pick of the Bitter


... And it's all on behalf of my "little crusade" to outlaw government shutdowns.

Here's the offering to the "Comments" after the lead editorial in today's (Jan 8, 19) editorial.

Here's that lead editorial:


Borderline Insanity
President Trump rained cruelties on immigrants and asylum seekers and now wants hundreds of millions of dollars to address the humanitarian crisis he caused. Read it all here. For a guy who writes four or five "comments" a day in the NYTimes, The Washington Post, Breitbart and a random selection of others, it's fun to make the "pick" list. Since this comment directly plugged my "little crusade" to outlaw government shutdowns, this was doubly fun. My last "pick"

Join My Little Crusade?

Let's Outlaw "Government Shut Downs!" They are stupid, cruel, arbitrary,  discriminatory and  financially chaotic

The Little Crusade

(Only if you think Government should be immune to the tantrums of politicians not getting their way, of course...)

WRITE:  Tweets, "Comments," Instagrams, Letters to the Editor, Blogs, Graffiti...
SPEAK: Talk show call-ins, Speeches at your club/church/bridge party/golf game...

Write things like this "comment" I made in the Washington Post:

Outlaw government shutdowns! They are perversions of what government is meant to be. Allowing shutdowns to be negotiating pawns is ridiculous, not to mention humanly cruel, financially chaotic and wildly discriminatory in who they hurt. This nation cannot be hostage to itself. If it takes the tortuous path of a Constitutional amendment, get started. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

If a bunch of us start getting this simple idea out, who knows? We might finally be rid o…