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Tough to Find, But Definitely Worth It!

A tool made in the USA! And at a Big Box store (Home Depot) to boot.

In these times when it's harder and harder to find that "Made
in U.S.A." note - especially on tools - this was a great find. And it's
a great tool. Super stripper, bolt trimmer, etc.Klein Tools.

The default store for tools, "Harbor Freight" is the big chain that is basically a Chinese manufacturing outlet. I challenge you to find "Made in U.S.A." there.

I think I'm becoming a protectionist. Horrors.
Pretty soon, I will propose a boycott of S. Korean cars.
But I'll wait 'til I research it a bit more.

Just The Facts

...About Climate Change

If you are casting a dragnet for clarifying info on the (apparently to some) confusing facts about the REALLY BIG MESS we are heading into with our dosing the atmosphere with our carbon refuse, try this site. Like weekly.

It's on my new favorite web site, Architecture 2030. Give it a shot.

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...Years Old! My Mom. Today.

This is that sweet girl at 17. And she still looks good.

Not many dudes my age can still go see their moms in person.

Happy birthday, Jimmie Duff.