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OK, I'm not all that happy with the Republicans in general.

BUT this 'shut down the government' crap because you can't get enough Repubs elected to change the laws the lawful way, is too much.

One little, insignificant anecdote:  Dorothy and I have been planning our vacation to the Grand Canyon north rim for over a year.  We arrive on the 1st of October.  If the government shuts down we will be shut out, lose our deposits and be deeply disappointed and angry.

We are white, kind of old and once in a while we've voted for a Republican.

Until they get their heads screwed back on right, no more.

Grumpy Old Men

"I've Earned The Right To Be Angry"

That was the title of an op-ed in my local daily paper, The Albuquerque Journal.  Back in November, 2012 a guy quoted a bunch of Fox News positions, claimed they were his and got all self-righteous about it.  Part of his babble was that he was an older white guy.  I decided not to reproduce his op-ed here because I don't want that kind of slop on my oh-so-neat blog.  But you can get the drift by my responses.

WELL, the honor of  OWGs was on the line, so naturally I whipped out a rebuttal and sent it to the Journal.  A week went by and I was told my letter would be published.  Lo and behold, seven letters from Angry Olds were published, a whole page Op-Ed titled, "Mad as Heck, But at Whom?"  I and six others, not all white or guys BTW, piled on this Fox-ite.  I have to say I was proud of my demographic.  Here's my letter:  (click it for readable size)

I hope you don't need a magnifying glass to read it.

So here'…

Desalination Fail (PR wise)


I've expressed great enthusiasm for desalination as one of the technological end runs we might make on water fickle Mother Nature.

YaleGlobal Online (yep, published by Yale) takes a pretty hard anti-desalination position with:

Desalination is not a solution to freshwater shortages being reported by many dry regions around the globe, including many sections of the United States. Adam Scow of Food & Water Watch argues that conservation of water is the better strategy and notes that “the technology is being pushed by private interests looking to profit from the sale of water while sticking the public with its high financial and environmental costs.” Desalination has high energy costs, and the leftover salt is a pollutant. He explains that about 80 percent of California’s water, for example, is used for agriculture purposes. Farmers could plan for efficient water use by using more care in selecting crops appropriate for their region’s climate and ecology. The United States an…