I've Been Telling You and Telling You...

Consultants for Trump Misused Facebook Data of Millions By MATTHEW ROSENBERG, NICHOLAS CONFESSORE and CAROLE CADWALLADR
Cambridge Analytica bought private information harvested from more than 50 million users to develop techniques that were later used in the Trump campaign. [ NY Times March 17, 2018]

OK, this is a minor gloat. Because I've been beating this drum for almost a year, but stories aren't "real" until the NYTimes says so.
For the joy of historical perspective, here are (some of) my posts on this ultimate political dirty trick:
April, 2017 August, 2017 September, 2017

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It's China, Even More than Russia!

Vlad Rattled Some Sabers, But It's China Moving Fastest in Weaponry

Meanwhile Americans are paying close attention to our "reality TV" president
Mutual Assured Destruction "MAD" is baaaack.

I'm bad and I'm scary...

Informed, enlightening, podcast from knowledgeable folks who sound scared. These are the military, weaponry and technology editors of Aviation Week and Space Technology, pulling no punches on how the Russians and the Chinese are trying to lap America in war fighting tech.

As you can see from these links to other SeniorJunior posts, this has worried the poo out of me for some time.

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Folks PREFER Lies!

“How can we create a news ecosystem ... that values and promotes truth?”
Huge Study Says "Tell Me What I Want to Hear" ... is where a lot of us are right now.

Huge Study, reported inFlipboard
Though the study is written in the clinical language of statistics, it offers a methodical indictment of the accuracy of information that spreads on these platforms. A false story is much more likely to go viral than a real story, the authors find. A false story reaches 1,500 people six times quicker, on average, than a true story does. And while false stories outperform the truth on every subject—including business, terrorism and war, science and technology, and entertainment—fake news about politics regularly does best.
* And politics becomes lies.
There's a lot of good reporting on our new(est) culture of lying. In VOX, there is a great line: How do politicians get so comfortable with lying? One theory: practice.
The unscrupulous politician will keep lying when he learns it WORKS.
It get…

What's a "Super Lie?"

Think 180 Degrees From Truth Exact Opposite!


Super lies are becoming much more common in politics all over the world. When you examine the statement and say to yourself "That's the exact opposite of the truth," like when Bashar al Assad says reports of horrible cruelty in his merciless siege of Eastern Ghouta are "fake news" and "terrorist propaganda" and "not true," when we are all seeing daily video of the actual horrible truth, you've got yourself a pure super lie. Keep an eye out for these stinkers. Call them out.

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Thanks, American Dupes

What's Totally Wrong With the Russian Influence Numbers from Facebook and Twitter? They don't count the number of Americans sucked into repeating Russian Lies.
LOOK HOW WRONG THEY WERE ON THE REDDIT REPORT   But their CEO just told the truth and it's scary.

According to (Reddit CEO) Steve Huffman, the most troubling activity on Reddit from known and suspected Russian operatives wasn’t in the form of ads or accounts run by trolls, but rather from actual Reddit users who were amplifying troll-made content of their own volition. One known Internet Research Agecny account on Twitter, @TEN_GOP, which posed as the account for the Republican Party of Tennessee, had its tweets “amplified by thousands of Reddit users,” according to Huffman, adding, “sadly, from everything we can tell, these users are mostly American, and appear to be unwittingly promoting Russian propaganda.”


ME on TV - A Regular Fireball

The Great Winter Drought 2017/2018,  New Mexico Fear of Fire is the Local News Angle
There was a community meeting on fire preparation and planning in our area. The local NBC affiliate in Albuquerque decided to do a "package" to go with their live report from the meeting.  Somehow we were selected as the subject. A competent young reporter and her cameraman came to the house out here in the country, and they interviewed us for a good 45 minutes. I knew it would become a 2 1/2 min piece and was curious what parts they would use. 
They found a story in all the palaver and here 'tis, for your dining and dancing pleasure:  (You have to watch a 20 second commercial first.)
I don't know how long they leave links active.

A Hero's Welcome to Heaven

Died Shielding School Children From Gunfire

See a stunning collection of political cartoons from this transplanted American artist. Go to "Google Images" and search 'Pia Guerra cartoons.'