The Big Mystery Covid Number.

The Daily Pandemic Report always has an unexplained Number. And it's always BIG. Here's a typical daily report from a small state (NM)
TOTAL RECOVERED  -13,928  12,340(47%)NOT Totally Recovered
Only 77 people are currently hospitalized (and 813 poor souls died).
SO what about those NTR (not totally recovered) folks? It's starting to come out. An awful truth is emerging. It's not just about how many die, it's about Covid-19 being a terrible ailment that has many really rotten long term effects.
Italy is calling back coronavirus survivors. About half say they haven’t fully recovered.Washington Post headline 9/8/2020 Other than that, I feel fine.

That's about half.  And it sounds pretty bad: "(Some)recoveries are proving incomplete and sometimes excruciating."  Stuff like... - lung scarring and breathing trouble.  - heart abnormalities and artery blockages. - risk of organ failure. - leg pain, tingling in the extremities, hair loss, depressi…

The Hits Keep Coming

Imagine the Blue Ribbons
Since the flower shows are canceled - even the NM State Fair - we are blessed with a new crop of prize dahlias every day. They soften the pain of isolation.

Wife Dorothy has so many blue ribbons already we won't notice, but I sure notice this rampant beauty.  (And we have a house full of orchids to boot!)

Upbeat, I am.


Cheered Up, I Am
Two bits of good news in one day in these times will do it.
1. Our garden is lush this year and the daily harvest is big - and beautiful.

2. NPR is kicking arse!

I'm a happy man.

I Know This Cave Lion Personally

I wrote a book about her, (She's a dead ringer for) a cave lion cub named Cubby.
My fictional Cubby lived 125,000 years ago, and I lived in her cave with her and her mom. Time travel, of course. Now there's a bit of sci-fi fer ye.  

"I" was my character Daryl Streeter, and I lived his adventure vicariously as I wrote the book, MIZ, Time Tripping With Amazing Females.

It's a thrill to read about this DNA discovery, because in 2017 I made the assumption that the girls were unique, which allowed me to give them unique talents. We sci-fi guys love it when one of our predictions pans out in real life.

Here are some highlights of the book.

If you like audiobooks, here's the address for a YouTube "playlist" to listen to free. Just click "Play All," or click any chapter that looks interesting.

Here's the Gizmodo story about the amazing paleontology discovery.

Senator Tom Cotton - Mr. "Necessary Evil"

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas: (R) "The founders said 'Slavery was the necessary evil' upon which the union was built.” 
                                          Campaign Pix                             Senatorial Pix                                                            This Senate work is exhausting.

Senator Cotton, in an interview he gave to the Arkansas Democratic-Gazette, in which he criticized the New York Times’ proposed school curriculum linked to its 1619 Project that would reframe the national historical narrative to highlight slavery in U.S. history lessons. He tweeted the quotes were "fake news."

Ex-Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts (D) "The idea that slavery was a necessary part of America’s founding implies that for some to flourish in our country others must be hurt."

                                          Campaign Pix                             Gubernatorial Pix    
Feeling better these days.
Deval Patrick:  "The notion that …

We Oldies Are At Higher Covid Risk

And there are things we can do about it.

I got behind in my reading Science Magazines from cover to cover. Then I caught up last night. And wowie, zowie! In the 17 July edition, page 256, is:

PERSPECTIVEVIEWPOINT: COVID-19 Aging immunity may exacerbate COVID-19 Arne N. Akbar, Derek W. Gilroy See all authors and affiliations
Science  17 Jul 2020:
Vol. 369, Issue 6501, pp. 256-257
DOI: 10.1126/science.abb0762  It's kind of a heavy read, lotsa medical and pharmacology, like:  "A key hallmark of severe disease is exuberant inflammation in the respiratory tract of patients (1). Older healthy individuals (60 years and above) exhibit chronic low-grade sterile inflammation (not caused by a pathogen) characterized by high baseline serum concentrations of C reactive protein (CRP) and cytokines." Got that? We oldies - lots but not all - have "INFLAMMAGING" an awkward word meaning "sterile inflamation in aging," a chronic condition  that causes those rotten exuberant infla…