Picasso-esque Yet

 Eye in the Desert

Researching Western Australia for the book I'm currently hammering on (it's about Superintelligence), this wonder leapt right out at me. 

It's the Wolfe Creek Meteor Crater, on the easter edge of Western Australia. The Picasso part is the tiling collage effect of merging satellite shots. I thought you might like to see it. 

I know you are just dying to know something about this new book!  Working title: What Would Supe Do?  Perhaps I should weave in something about the Wolfe Creek Crater.

A Hen in the Foxhouse?

Why Is This My First Recommendation to Watch Fox News? Because this guy is so handsome?
Some Much Needed Clarification


Scooter the Tooter

Not the Way You Want to Die

A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy NYTimes There is a fungus among us - maybe at a hospital near you - AND YOU WONT HEAR ABOUT IT!

Super investigative story on the front page of the NY Times!  Scary, enlightening, infuriating... everything good investigative reporting provides, this story should win a Pulitzer.

It's about a drug resistant fungus that blossoms in hospitals.  It is one bad  dude of a "germ," Candida auris.

"Nearly half of patients who contract C. auris die within 90 days." (Some reports say 60%.)

"With bacteria and fungi alike, hospitals and local governments are reluctant to disclose outbreaks for fear of being seen as infection hubs. Even the C.D.C., under its agreement with states, is not allowed to make public the location or name of hospitals involved in outbreaks."

“You wouldn’t tolerate this at a restaurant with a food poisoning outbreak.”

"The secrecy infuriates patient advocates, who say people ha…

An Imaginary Path

There IS NO PATH back to "normality" if by normal you mean like it used to be. Not the 1950s or the '80s, or the '10s or yesterday.
Things are just changing too fast and too much. It's going to get stranger and stranger.
The fine article (and podcast) in Wired is actually about how sci-fi writers are getting more political, and how the "abnormality" is Trump, etc., but this back-to-normality thing is way bigger than politics. 
Science is becoming science fiction. Artificial intelligence, CRSPR gene editing, hypersonics, supercomputing, crowdsourcing, gravity waves, Instagram, augmented reality, virtual sex, quantum stuff, nanotech, fracking,  climate freaking change... And, really, don't get me started on world politics.  There's not path back to when all that isn't happening.

Being a science fiction writer myself (I'm comfortable saying that after three books published),  I'm sure not contemplating normality in the same color palette as …

One of the Biggies, Ambivalence

What's Going to Wreck Our World? (If we are not careful)
The Plasticocalypse?
No,  AMBIVALENCE! (Heres an example)

Shell Oil is spending huge ($10 billion) on a giant plant outside of Pittsburg to makePolyethelene

Sounds (and looks) gross. But the ambivalence sets in with:

"More than 6,000 tradespeople and laborers will be on the site during the peak summer construction period. Some 600 full-time workers will manage automated technology to operate the completed plant. A 97-mile pipeline from gas separation installations in Ohio and West Virginia will supply ethane; a 250-megawatt gas-fired electrical generating station will power the plant."

Manufacturing on the rebound in America!  Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...

Think about 3.3 billion pounds of polyethylene beads.
Think about a future when we can walk on water.
     ....not drink it, of course, just walk on it.

Ambivalence could kill us.

NYTimes pieceon Shell's new factory.

Unless somebody reminds us...

We Forget How Many Ways America Is Changing The British Newspaper The Guardian Reminds us... (Those Brits, always reminding of stuff we'd rather forget)
The American family farm is disappearing

1950  (Scooter was in the 7th grade)
        Total population: 151,132,000; farm population: 25,058,000; Number of farms:
5,388,000; average acres: 216 (About 5 folks per farm family)

1998 (Olde Scooter was about to retire)
Total population: 275,900,000; farm population: 2,987,552; Number of farms: 2,143,150; average acres: 461 (About 1.4 folks per farm "family") I.e. In one man's work life, about 22 million folks left their farms. Huge "industrial" farms frequently have NO ONE living on the farm.  Maybe a few thousand hogs or tens of thousands of chickens, or endless waves of grain - soy and corn mostly.

We sort of know all this.  It just slips out of consciousness without a reminder now and then. 

How America’s food giants swallowed the family farms  **Thank you, Guardian; I …

'Nuff Said


Ten-year-Long study!  Half a million kids!  Super study and incontestable findings.

So you anti-vaxers better come up with some other excuse.  

Just sayin'.....

* Good summary