Stormy Daniels' New Book Made Me Do It

Never Pass a Chance to Beat Your Favorite Drum

I was reading the "Comments" section after a review of Ms. Daniels' new book, Full Disclosure, in the Washington Post.  Lo and behold, my expert Troll/Bot spotting eyes saw quite a few.
So I fired up my favorite motor scooter and scooted right in with this:

duffworx Herein is a great collection of reader comments. It's the perfect place to look for Russian/Iranian/N.Korean, et al Troll/bots. WaPo, imho, is under high volume troll attacks in the Comments space because there is not much high level moderating.  Trolls all over! HOW TO SPOT 'EM: Remember a standard attack mode (to create the  social chaos called 'polarization') is to escalate the hyperbole on BOTH sides of the GAS (Great American Split). I say 'remember' because a lot of people still think those cyber warriors are all Trumpsters, alt-righters, etc.  Not so!  Here at the mighty WaPo, you are more likely to see nasty lefties, pushing the envelop…

A Spark of Hope for Alzheimer's

See? I Told You to Bone Up on Senolytics

Published Wednesday, 19 September in Nature Magazine... one of the Super Journals (meaning they are as credible as they come, science-journal-wise), a paper based on research done at Mayo Clinic, a pretty good outfit.

Published: 19 September 2018
Clearance of senescent glial cells prevents tau-dependent pathology and cognitive declineIf you keep up on Alzheimer's research, you recognize "tau-dependent," and if you don't, you surely know about cognitive decline. That and memory loss are the heart-ripping Alzheimer's symptoms we'd all like to avoid. 
If You Are Interested in the Science
Put your science hat on and take a look at the abstract (free) in Nature. Or read a (also free) layperson version.  Here's a short one (written for Big Pharma money men).                                                                  Here's a longer one (written for "age extension" fans.)
For The-Long-and-Short-of-It Fans:

Yours Is Bigger Than Ours

While You Are Praying for the Carolinas...  ...Say one for the Philippines




The Nose / Gut / Brain Boogie Just a touch of my favorite subject, from the bottomless well of academia.

See?  I've been telling you* stuff like this:
(Go ahead, have a linking extravaganza.)

Recent studies have focused on the role of gut microbiota in modulation of the enteric and central nervous system functions, including behaviour (Bravo et al., 2011; Foster & McVey Neufeld, 2013; Mayer, Tillisch & Gupta, 2015; Forsythe et al., 2016; Sarkar et al., 2016). This rapidly emerging field employs classical psychological tests of behaviour to begin to understand better how the gut microbiome and the brain interact in health and in models of disease (Collins, 2014; Mayer et al., 2015; Sarkar et al., 2016). Many of these tests involve assessment of social behaviour and interaction (Tarr et al., 2015; McKim et al., 2016; Bharwani et al.,


OK, I'm mad. REALLY mad.
This is the last straw to me. President Trump's war on the climate is a  grossly irresponsible travesty of governing. Loosening the rules and allowing more methane leakage into the air, just to "reverse another Obama policy" and please Big Oil and Big Gas...
Methane is many times more potent than CO2 as a heat trapping gas.

You know how methane smells? That's the way this latest climate atrocity smells to me.
I encourage you to raise a stink over this one.

Just one wound infected with this poison.

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Photoshopped? I'm guessing yes.

Just snipped this from the Airedale subReddit 

If you say this is photoshopped, I'll lick you to death.

Airdales über alles!

The Mysteries of Blogging

SINGAPORE? For the last few days, it's been Germany. That's weird enough, but today it's....
I have only made one post on this manifold blog that was specifically about Singapore, and that was back in 2010. Here 'tis.

And yet... and yet...  SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 daily report 4PM MST

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