Who Do You Love?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...  But go ahead, who - between these two eccentric guys - looks the best?

#1  Did these things:
He created the Environmental Protection Agency
He created the Occupation Safety and Health 
He signed into law the Clean Air Act
He signed the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. 
He dramatically expanded the federal food stamp 
He advocated for universal health-care coverage, 
with subsidies for low-income Americans.
(Oh, and he totally screwed up with Watergate.)

#2 Promised these things in the campaign
He was FOR Raising taxes on the rich. 
He was FOR investing in infrastructure on a massive scale. 
He promised to Protect Social Security and Medicare from any cuts.
His campaign even discussed breaking up the biggest banks. 

You know what He #2 has actually done (much of it undoing what #1 did )- and doing NONE of these things he promised.)


The I-Can't-Help-Myself Political Rant I don't do it often, but there you go.
Our Government in “Action”
The Compromise immigration bill, that The House will (won’t?) vote on next week creates far more problems than it solves.  Fixing the DACA horror and stopping family separations would be really good, but at the price of a major stupidity that will harm America for decades would be really, really bad.

“Hanging in the balance is legal protection for young immigrants covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program; money for President Donald Trump's border wall*; steep cuts to legal immigration; and a long-term strategy for addressing family separations at the border.”
$Billions for a boondoggle that won’t work and will do vast environmental damage = Trump’s Wall. ...Just my humble opinion, but I’m mightily opposed to The Wall, preferring high tech border control that will work better, cost billions less and not interrupt millions of animal migrations, mess up the …

Bifido infantis

We Are Shooting Ourselves in the Foot. Both feet, actually.

Autoimmune diseases, diabetes and obesity are on a tear,  growing worldwide (over 10% a year!), and conspicuously more in the U.S.
"Western Civilization" has almost exterminated a great ally and opened the gates to an invasion of ailments that make us miserable and shorten our lives.
Now we have figured out the problem and know how to correct our terrible mistake. [And I'm not just talking more exercise and less fast food.] 
It starts with all our newborns! (See below)
The Invasion of the Misery Makers
If none of these has hit you you can guess what they are from the pharma ads on TV.

Psoriasis; psoriasis arthritis credit

Lupus, Graves disease, Asthma
And especially Celiac disease.

Our other, deadlier diseases on the fast elevator up.



A HUGE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE OF OUR LIFESTYLE In the last 100 years, we have almost wiped out a part of nature that defends against all these curses that are growing in incidence …


Separate Those Parents and Kids! Look into my eyes.  Deeper, deeper....

Addition to Longevity Formula

Getting All Flowery. And Ayurvedic New Front Opened in the War On Aging - Telomerase
Adding a new substance to the brew of my "life extension" (anti-aging) formula. It's a hobby.
The little end-caps on your DNA are telomeres. They wear out or fall off letting the DNA leak all over the kitchen floor which is an aging experience. Telomerase keeps the telomeres functional. 

One supplement outfit that I subscribe to, scans credible research and puts together attractive supplement combinations based on recent findings. They aggressively market with well written emails. Since they reference a lot sources - and I check them - I find them credible. 

I give them the credit for turning me onto this combination. (They sell a Cadillac version, but I started out with the Pontiac version.)
AshwagandhaThe Big brand in India, "Tranqualine" is the Caddy concentrate KSM-66 ( uses it). Their site came up under "peer review research," Googling. It&#…

Can You Buy Some Extra Years?

No More $enescence! Big Money Folks Want to Live Longer

....And what Big Bucker$ want, they usually get. Then, after the prices go down, the rest of us buy some at CVS. Over the counter, maybe.

As you possibly know, the "life extension" field is of interest to me. Being 81 and watching my pals crash and burn all around me keeps me focused.  Among my musings on this, there's:

Anti-aging Pills Aplenty
Am I Getting Any Younger?
More Fountain of Youth Stuff

You've undoubtedly read some of the Google gazillions are going into longevity research with Calico
Genomics guru Craig Venter and innovation specialist Peter Diamandis founded Human Longevity Inc.
You've heard of the Segway inventor Dean Kaman; and there's Ray Kurzweil. The list of major investments and investors is Looong.

And the websites! Longevity is a whole new category. Like Aging 2.0. And many, many more.

Here's a great Update Article on another billionaire, Brit Jim Mellon, spending beaucoup bucks investin…

Idiocracy in the Making. AT&T Gobbles Time Warner

When All the Merging Is Done
No more troublesome competition. No more question who owns the politicians.  Everyone will be happy. Everyone will be happy. Everyone will be happy. Everyone will be happy. Everyone..

* Costco in Idiocracy (the brilliant Mike Judge sci-fi satire, complete with a future Trump.) ** ars Technica

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