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Defund Wall Street

Every Little Bit...

So I got so upset with the banks after the BushCrash that m'Wife and I moved our money from Wells Fargo and BofA to a local credit union (spoiler alert: another post on co-ops of all kinds is coming).  I was so miffed at the banks I even adopted "banksters" as a new perjorative.

Granted, my bottom-99% funds will not even tickle the banksters, much less give them a stabbing pain.

BUT... every little bit one can do just might do some good.  Every time we repair-reuse-repurpose and recycle we do a tiny little bit.

So good old Steven Pearlstein  writes in the Washington Post,
"Occupy Wall Street? Just defund it." And it's all about moving your money from wall street to co-ops.  My credit union - yours too, if you have one - is a co-op.  Owned by its customers, as opposed to Wall Street FatCats. And there are all sorts of co-ops out there, just look at this and this.
We shop at grower-owned Farmers' Markets, too.
Oh, the virtue just oozes.