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Here's to W's Prosperity

In this greatest of nations, how about this?

In Michigan, one in eight residents now receives food stamps.

Imagine. 13% of Michiganders on food stamps. Now that is pitiful.

Good job, Bushie.

His Way or the Hisway


(With an apology for my inconsistent adds and updates to this thang - for all those regular readers, of course!)

Mostly I have been moved by ... what? Incredulity - outrage - at stupidity, irresponsibility, greed and the whole corrupting influence of unbridled partisanship ... to write something. Not always, of course, but mostly.

The last couple of months have had so MUCH of that bad stuff, that I guess I have been sort of strangled as to what to grouse about. But here goes again.

The Good Old NEW YORK TIMES editorial this Sunday morning reminded me of just how stupid, counterproductive and downright crappy the GWB Administration is. Stubborn George continues to insist that his torture-justifying lawyer pal Steven Bradbury be his appointee to run the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. (As I'm sure you know) Bradbury wrote all those "Torture's legal. It's OK," then "It's OK to ignore the law that makes it illegal" memos. He has absolu…