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Why Can't We Talk About TAXING THE RICH?

The Most Successful (and Destructive) Propaganda Campaign Ever

   Have you noticed? In our budget discussions we-the-people are like a one-legged man.... ...Trying to dance with a huge, two-legged woman. Half the equipment we need for movement is missing. Simply gone. Our dancing partner has more equipment than she needs. There could be four horses under that tent of a dress. Guess who leads?

And one after another of us, including really smart people amid the dummies, don't seem to notice the situation. The "one legged man" - the middle class and poorer folks seeking a solution for our ailing national, state and local government budgets - is in a dance with absolute apocalypse. A strong, fair, intelligent, problem-solving dance (discussion) is necessary for us to have any hope of avoiding this apocalypse.

So who is our dance partner? Not that good old foursome, Conquest, War, Famine and Death. So who? How about Oligarchs and their Lobbyists, Propagandists, an…

Unfunded and Underfunded, Three Obscenities

Sort of Makes Me Sick
Something is wrong here.
"Public Employee Pension Funds Underfunded by $1.5 Trillion"
When a state government negotiates pensions for state workers, then fails to fund them... that's, let's see... Lying (to the future pensioners), Irresponsible (to taxpayers), Damaging (to the economy) and Stupid (beyond belief).

That's obscene in my book.
Of course corporations have been making the same obscene decisions as well. It just seems stupider when it is our state legislators and executives doing it.
Why don't we hear some specifics, like which legislators and governors did it? Why aren't they the object of our scorn? Why aren't they held accountable?
But no, the public worker unions - who negotiated in good faith, and assumed the other side would act in good faith - get the blame. Who's side would you say the "corporate media" is on?
Reporting a big story and leaving out the actual facts is also lying, irresponsible, d…