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Cure for Stupidity... In Only 8 Years!

HOW MANY TIMES...Have we all seen great news about... ... a science "breakthrough" story with the promise of some cure or another [my favs: obesity, brain cancer, aging, etc.] but it will be years before we can get an actual prescription in our aging hands?Now there's "translational medicine!" This is the go-from-basic-discovery-to-human-applications-at-warp-speed idea. I love the way the people in this new-ish field think. Here's an excerpt from an article in Science Magazine. (You have to be a subscriber to read it.) It's kind of a how-to on making translational medicine work:

Recommendations for the Future Our analysis documents objectively show the long length of time that passes between discovery and translation. As scientists, we should convey to our funders and the public the immense difficulty of the scientific discovery process. Successful translation is demanding and takes a lot of effort and time even under the best circumstances; making u…