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Avoiding the News

Big Cutback Announcement I've Avoided Most of "The News" for Days
I feel very guilty, but greatly de-stressed.  Ahhhhh.

NO NEWS IS GOOD. PERIOD. (Just for a short break when you need it.)

I know I'm ignoring frightening threats. I'm skipping my civic duty, and ghosts of conscience chase me down the street, howling, "It's your RESPONSIBILITY to suffer through the awful diet of daily downers."

Well, no it's not. I have walked away from TV newscasts as they become too irritating  I have been reading Science News instead of Salon, instead of the Washington Post, which is a hearse full of frights every day. (I do sneak back and look at Toles and Telnaes.)

I've been listening to audiobooks (Iain M. Banks; Frank Herbert) instead of news podcasts. There is balm in tweetless days. Oh the relief.  I have gone for hours avoiding media of any kind (Gasp!)

Just wanted you to know why you haven't seen any biting commentary on our mutual madnesses he…

Drought Broken! 2006 Style

Everything is Relative July, 2006 In a four year drought, and rains came.
August, 2018 and the rains have come again. Just not so much.
I was ecstatic. This is what I wrote in 2006... with a few follow up comments from 2018.
White text = 2006
Yellow text = 2018

The Great New Mexico Drought [What did I know about "great" re droughts?] is cracked.Not broken, mind you, just cracked. [So I guess this year the current drought is just bent.]

Here in this marvelous little microclimate called “The East Mountains”  - the east side of the mountains east of Albuquerque; actually the Sandias, Manzanitas and Manzanos - and especially in this valley where I live, in the Manzanitas close to the north boundary of the Isleta Reservation, we have caught a break. 

The rains have come and come and come [2018: They come just once at a time mostly this year, short, intense thundershowers. Not much of that closely packed storms stuff.]  ] In the last three weeks, more than six inches of rain (and hail and…

"We don’t fall for false news because we’re dumb."

How Your Brain Tricks You Into Believing Fake NewsTIME Magazine does a very nice piece of scientfic reporting on the "fake news" susceptibility we all share - somewhere deep in our brain boxes. 

[As ye faithful SrJr readers know, it's been a hot topic with me.
   There's: Folks Prefer Lies
Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories
Crazy as a Q
   ... and a bunch more. Cruise through me humble blog.]

So thanks, Time Magazine.  Here's your payoff:

Helluva deal.

Any "China concern" is $quashed

Our Loveable Pharma CEOs are All In 
I've been a bit concerned as China slips into the passing lane on many American leadership positions. No such concern, apparently, by Big Pharma.

Endpoint News is a Pharma newsletter operation, and their vision is clear: "Looks like a chance for big bucks to me," pretty much sums it up.  No concern, no fear for loss of intellectual property, just more chances for giant profits.

SOooo, does Big Pharma see this Chinese incursion as a threat or an opportunity?

The Clear Me$$age...

Is that the Pharmaceutical industry sees its central drive as economic.  "Invent great medicines" is seen through the filter, "Big profits?"  A really great medicine would be a new antibiotic that would save us from the mercies of MRSA.  But, "Hey," they say, "Low profits that way."

So Endpoints is doing its part:

Endpoints:  "Over the past year we’ve seen the China biotech scene boom with billions of dollars in new invest…

Take Me Home, Microbiome

"Over the Line""Well, it's kind of newsworthy.""You have a strange mind, Duff.""I hear the biome has a lot of control over your sex drive.""Gross.""Well, it's a big medical discovery, all that.""I'm going to talk to mine like you talk to a baby in your belly."(Some comments from early readers who could actually think of something to say.)

It's in the bookstores (Amazon, that is)!  It's published, available, for sale. At long, darn last.

 Science Fiction has no fear. It treads on subjects you might think odd to be trod. But I am just super impressed with the tidal wave of discoveries about MICROBIOMES. Everybody and pretty much every living thing has a microbiome. They are vital to healthy life... heck, to life itself!

A lot of people I talk to completely underestimate the human microbiome. There's a chance I overestimate it, but I think not.  In and on your body there i…
There's This - and So Much More The Chinese version of "winning"  (No sign they're 'Sick and Tired' of it.)

China successfully tests first hypersonic aircraft that can carry atomic warheads

But the "unstoppable missile" gives one pause. Say in a shouting match, threats-flying kind of an international incident, knowing your anti-missile system was bound to miss a bunch of these, I for one would be somewhat intimidated.
When WE have proven hypersonic missiles (any year now), we can get back to the comfort of MUTUALLY assured destruction, the way nature intended.
Olde Scooter's closet of scary Chinese news:
China'sPharma Invasion It's China More Than Russia China Becoming World Science Leader? More Threats from China - SUPERCOMPUTERS! Watch China Watch the Sky... Worrying About Chinese Competition Deep space communications
Electric Cars
Quantum communications
Jet passenger planes

Think Big Money Is Interested in Anti-Aging?

Big Bucks for Big PromisesIn Big Bucks talk (financial jargon)...
What’s bigger than a unicorn? Samumed stuns yet again as anti-aging pipeline draws $438M at $12B valuation
Samumed is a "regenerative medicine" operation in San Diego, working on drugs to keep us young and active (and cute). Their most advanced (through the approval pipeline) drug is for osteoarthritis - mainly in the knees.  They have NO PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET yet.  Yet they just raised a half billion bucks. (The "cute" part is their second most advanced drug which cures baldness.)
Their focus is on us the aging (everybody), with human clinical trials of experimental drugs to treat cancer, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and several other diseases.
Their one and only venture capitalist backer is Singapore-based Vickers Venture Partners. Chinese! Surprise, surprise. ThoseChinese are on a pharma tear.
...and there are several "individually wealthy investors&quo…

How Crazy Can It Get?

The Russians Gotta Love This 
The press is all over this, but maybe you haven't  gotten into it, because stuff like this makes you crazy.

If you haven't experienced crazy lately, you should read up on this. [Click on some of the better pieces: Vox,Washington Post,NPR,Media Matters]

Not since the Jonestown 900 has there been a more credulous, hypnotized crowd of human beans than the QAnon crowd.

See how stupid this conspiracy theory is, and stroke you chin and say "I would never fall for something so outrageously stoopid." 


"People Prefer Lies" might not be true, but it aint' no lie.  If the lie is something you want to be true, especially.

And conspiracy theories tap into something evolution wrote into our gene code.

Now, THROW IN THE RUSSIANS !! BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, the artillery of Big Lie Repitition lands on your brain terrain, and the switch might get flipped, and you are ready to drink the KoolAid.

People who believe such obvious crappola …

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