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Deficits Be Hanged (Temporarily) - STIMULATE NOW!

An Arrow Through the Throat of the Deficit Hawks (Who will eat our livers if we don't get them first.) is a hard core financial news site. No wishy-washy ideology-driven spins on the money news. Here are some excerpts from today's issue:

Are the "Bond Vigilantes" Going to Punish Obama?
Instead of punishing the Obama administration for running up a budget deficit ..., bond investors are pouring money into fixed-income assets as inflation slows and equity markets stumble. That’s a turnaround from 16 years ago, when Bill Clinton was forced to abandon stimulus plans after his advisers said the bond market would punish him with higher borrowing costs if it sensed swelling deficits. “The deficit concerns are on the back burner,” said Andy Richman, who oversees $10 billion as a strategist in Palm Beach, Florida for SunTrust Bank’s private wealth management division. “The bigger concerns are on the deflationary mode and seeing growth slowing in the second …

Are We Nuts or What?

Why Do We Make Dangerous Decisions?
(Like deciding climate change "isn't real")

Fiddling while the Arctic Melts
It amazes me that whole swaths of humanity ignore facts, refute the irrefutable and get all conspiracy-ish when issues arise that they don't like or that make them uncomfortable.Two unrelated (except they were both in the NY Times) columns offered nice, tight nuggets of insight into why some of us human beans lock our mental steering wheels and drive ourselves into major crashes.

Here's an excerpt from an Op-Ed on our dismal climate fate, the author Thomas Homer-Dixon, a professor of global systems at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo, Canada.Climate policy is gridlocked, and there’s virtually no chance of a breakthrough. Many factors have conspired to produce this situation. Human beings are notoriously poor at responding to problems that develop incrementally. And most of us aren’t eager to change our lifestyles by sharply redu…


And Understand America a Little Better

The Big Short by Michael Lewis.

I'm a little late, since it's been the top biz book on the NYTimes list (still up there close). It's been praised and berated with vigor.

But, MAN, it's a killer book. When you read it, not only will you understand the causes of the Great Recession better than you did before, but you will have an insight into us human folk with another layer of delusion ripped away.

And it's a hoot to boot, a fun book to read. The characters are great (notwithstanding that they are real), and the narrative plays at full throttle. Imagine, a page-turner about synthetic CDOs and that ilk!

It'll put a different light on Tuesday's headline from the Christian Science Monitor, "How Wall Street uses your money to lobby against you."