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$Russia >> NRA>> Trump Campaign?

Was there Beef?... Money, from Russia to the NRA? Another (potentially) YUGE story, and we are all waiting for the other shoe to drop!
 All used to boost the Trump campaign and to demonize Hillary Clinton _________________________________________________________________________________ McClatchy, one of my journalism heroes, broke a big story on Jan18th, a head-snapper.
Their investigative unit is very, very good, and is staying on the story, now with such as Esquire, Rolling Stone, The Observer, Yahoo News... a big list of news organizations... are on the story.  Check out all the coverage here.

The allegation that Russia funneled money into the NRA – to directly support Trump's presidential bid – is staggering. Until now, we've understood the Russian support of Trump to have been oblique, delivered by a cadre of Facebook and Twitter trolls, and by the release of hacked DNC and Clinton campaign emails through Wikileaks…

Hi Y'All

Romania? Blogging is a strange experience. Here I am, an old (81) guy in the mountains of New Mexico, blasting out the occasional commentary on whatever makes me the craziest - or the happiest. Folks from a wide variety of countries check it out. It's humbling and confusing. 
But THANKS for giving it a look.
I understand the Russians and the Chinese dropping in - I write a lot about them. But I have to admit, I've never written anything about Romania. I might, someday.
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China Becoming World Science Leader?

China is America's Great Competitor... ... In manufacturing, renewable energy and now SCIENCE ALTOGETHER.
     As you dedicated Sr.Jr. blog readers surely know by now, I am very worried about America's world leadership slipping away from us and into the hands of the autocratic, communist superstate, China.      I have worried aloud about their spectacular progress in important areas while the U.S. sits on its thumb. Military, computers (especially quantum computing), A.I. and robotics, aeronautics, etc., etc. are fields we just can't cede.
   Now I see worrying indications that whole swaths of scientific fields are under serious challenge by our Chinese brothers and sisters while our President is slashing scientific budgets all over, and worse, DENIGRATING SCIENCE ITSELF! 
Even the MSM is getting worried. Check this in the NYTimes:
The Chinese have been taking multi-page ads in Science Magazine, America's super science journal, hyping their new cities devoted to research …

June 2017 - Such a Sweet Month

Look Back Six Months... Things were Slightly Less Crazy THIS IS NOT A GOOD TREND.
17 Posts in 30 days, OK for and olde dude. I'd say they are all fairly pertinent even here in the Slightly More Crazy Zone. "Breaking News" they ain't, and we are addicted to "this just in." A bit of look-back is good for the perspective (and the soul).

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