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Reboot America! Manifesto

More Stimulus NOW

The deficit hawks are dangerous to America. He said conservatively, in quiet understatement.

Nothing is as important as getting our army of unemployed back to work. Cutting the deficit can and should be done, but not now. Not with the gnawing cancer of mass unemployment claiming more lives daily. There are so many extremely productive places to spend more stimulus money. Our infrastructure is crumbling, our education system is in tatters and a whole new category of American industry is just waiting to be stimulated by the right laws and the right government funding - clean energy, efficient homes and buildings, and efficient transportation. (CEEHABET, acronym fans). Oh, and there is the little fringe benefit of saving ourselves from climate change and freeing ourselves from dependence on malign foreigner's oil.

So I'm signing on wholeheartedly to... [[ drum roll, bugles ]]

Reboot America - Manifesto

... started by The Daily Beast, a darn good on-line news org…

Belief So Extreme

...They're not even willing to check it out.

Now that's sad, ain't it?

I've had the experience many times that a "discussion" of differing opinions ends up with categorical rejection of any idea that runs contrary to what a person believes. "That's just not so," said a pal in response to what I saw as irrefutable evidence that it is so.

Then I ran across an article in Science News about how mathematics is being used to fight terrorism. It's brilliant. It's effective and getting moreso fast. It puts to powerful use all those billions of bucks worth of intelligence we are buying. However, the very idea is running smack into the "belief so extreme" that it "just can't work" that some important intelligence types won't even see for themselves. Here's the paragraph that caught my eye.


Now that makes me mad. Sure, when I can't get someone to consider one of my ideas, it's frustrating. But w…