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Squashing Another Right Wing Myth

Have you bought into the premise that the recent rash of huge forest fires is all because of those darn environmentalists, suppressing fires, refusing to let the lumber companies clear cut, etc?

Certainly the right wing press machine has been all over this, in pursuit of fewer environmental restrictions on logging public lands on behalf of their Big Lumber supporters.

Well, guess what? There is now profound scientific evidence that the main cause of the huge upsurge in major forest wildfires is caused by climate change. Warmer temperatures, earlier spring snow melts, cyclical wet seasons alternating with periodic drought and other indicators of climate change are the main causes, NOT those overzealous environmentalists.

If you like facts and figures, read the piece in the Aug 15 Science Magazine.

And keep in mind that oft-repeated “talking points” from the right frequently have an agenda that ignores science. Or, worse, denigrates science.

DEFCON (Defend the Constitution)

If you’ve been looking for an organized bandwagon to jump on to express your dismay at the anti-science leanings of the Bush Administration (on stem cells, global warming, “intelligent design,” etc.),go to:… sign up and add your name to the petition.

A Good Greenie

Should you be a New Mexican in District 4, take a long look at David Bacon, candidate for the Public Regulation Commission.

Check out his web site at:

He is an honest, right thinking, very bright fellow who deserves to serve the public. He ran for Governor of NM on the Green ticket last election, which shows he is an unbridled optimist.Heaven knows we need more optimists in government.Here’s a look at his platform.If I had the gumption to run for office, it would be my platform.
I want the PRC to... Promote clean renewable energy, encourage alternate local providers and spur innovation Increase local control of power distribution Move New Mexico toward affordable and universal health insurance Protect water resources by opposing large centralized power projects Extend rural telephone service through telecommunication competition Preserve full Internet access for everyone ...GO DAVID!


CRVs. They are everywhere. There goes one now!Honda CRVs - an SUV (Small Utility Vehicle) - are infiltrating our world. ... and rightfully so. Twenty-seven mpg in town/country driving by my calculations.

I see them everywhere these days. The pre-2004 models are a little boxier than this one. In '04 Honda sleeked them up a bit and put that slash of a rear light package on board.

The CRV is taking the "huge" out of S-Huge-V.

Consider this a testimonial for the CRV. And look around when you drive. They are everywhere. Smart folks buy them. Oh, did I mention, we have one?

Coverage Suggestion

Since for decades I made “angle” and “coverage tactics” recommendations to journalists as a news consultant, I just can’t contain myself.The Republicans have linked killing the inheritance tax to giving life to a raise in the minimum wage.Tricky devils.Since the inheritance tax affects a very small number of very wealthy people and in the process has a large effect on growing our national debt so it exacerbates two problems; the other being the growing gap between the incomes of the poor and the rich, a bad thing.The federal minimum wage affects several million of our lowest income citizens.It does nothing to speak of to the national debt.It (ever so slightly) decreases the rich/poor gap, a good thing.So here’s the coverage suggestion, news people.Pick five rich people representative of those benefited by killing the inheritance tax.See how much money their heirs would gain by not paying the tax.The compare that amount with how many folks making minimum wage would be benefited by the …