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How to "Fix" America

Not That There's Much Wrong... Frankly I'm worried, not my usual state of mind
So I look to wise men* for ideas, both on what ails the magnificent USA, and particularly what we might do to improve things. DEFINE THE PROBLEMS AND SUGGEST SOME SOLUTIONS, WISEGUYS.
I happen to think Noam Chomsky is one of the wisest men on Earth. Robert Pollin is an economics professor at the U. of Mass, and I am becoming impressed by his wisdom. So two wise men. I've never read a better define/suggest piece than this one. It gives me clarity and even some hope. Take some time when you are in your clearest state of mind and read it. 
Definition of the Problems (A few headlines)
CHOMSKY:  The right is ascendant, in fact some of its harshest and most destructive elements are rising.
It's the one with sinister features, sometimes smacking of totalitarianism, including adoration of The Leader.
The ultra-right is spearheaded by Steve Bannon, one of the most dangerous figures in the shiver-inducing a…

Rebuttal City

I  Don't Want You to Think I'm Not Working Just because I'm no longer "obsessed"
My simple minded, naive hope is that I can wake up some Breitbart and Daily Caller readers to the fact they are getting conned everyday by Russian trolls. Fat chance. But here are a few of my attempts.

seniorjunior (scooter duff)Lorin Chane Partaina few seconds ago
The USSR is gone, but the KGB (by any other name) is still alive and flourishing. How could it not be with KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin in control? Only now they are using their considerable expertise at propaganda to tear American from American. Ripping us apart, destroying the civility we used to value, pumping up both the worst of the alt-right and the Antifa thugs at the same time. They are all 'fundamentalist MAGA' on rightwing site, AND they are all 'anti-fascist' on the leftwing sites. They are brilliant at picking the right people for the most destructive messages, thanks to the psycho-demographic experti…

Cluster Trolls

 Or maybe "Super Trolls."  Or possibly "O.C. Trolls" I mean, these people are PROLIFIC IT ALL STARTED when I noticed on several "comments" boards on and dozens of posts from the same handle/avatar, and coming at unlikely speeds.
POW! one long comment from Sodbuster2, thenPOW! another long one from Sodbuster2! Then as I looked over the comments,POW!POW!POW!, more from old Sod. There were eleven posts from Sodbuster2 scattered over the section.  Hmmm, I wondered, just how prolific is he? And the first suspicion: Is he a he, or a them?
I checked him on Disqus, where there is a count of all his posts. Whoa... 92,387!
(if you click that, you will get the snarky...  ... meaning "No more info on this dude." In other words, this super prolific, fast-typing critter (bot?) is INCOGNITO! Otherwise you could see all of his posts (like you can see all of mine), and maybe figure out what he is all about. 
...but now I believe he is a  …

More Threats from China - SUPERCOMPUTERS

SUPERCOMPUTERSChina Pulls Ahead of U.S. in Latest TOP500 List
And it's not just the fastest (the U.S. is 5th in that department), it's the MOST supercomputers! [Headline from] China's supercomputers race past US to world dominanceChina doesn't just have the single fastest supercomputer in the world. It now dominates the list of the 500 fastest. For the first time, China has the most systems on the Top500 list, 202, up from 159 six months ago. The US dropped from 169 to 144. And in terms of the total performance of those machines, China also overtook the US, according to the Top500 supercomputer list. As perhaps you noticed, Olde Scooter has a growing concern about how we are letting China pass us in many technologies vital to economic strength and DEFENSE.  If I may say so, it doesn't look like "America First" is living up to its intent. 2nd and slipping is the WRONG DIRECTION. Other "Worried about China Skunking the U.S." posts: Deep space co…

Obsession Cured

That's It, I'm Passing the Ball to Stronger Runner I've been driven to pump out alarums for over a month about the social media warfare being waged by America's non-friends. Every time I felt a blog post coming on, it was this. I was slightly obsessed. This super story was not getting enough attention, methought. But things are getting better.

I saw great stuff over the last week indicating the bot/troll awareness and assessment is penetrating the public's mind and even (surprise) the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Pundits have caught the wave, politicians running for office have mentioned it. Even (gasp) the "mainstream media." (Not the rightwing media much, nor the Trump Administration much.)

I felt a strong urge to clang away at the alarm bell. I hardly ever feel that way.

So Yea! Part of my obsession with it was it seemed like the Congress/Pundit/Media folks were oblivious to the real danger in the psycho-cyber warfare aspect of what the Ru…

Obsessed? Who ME?

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Disqus is a very cool software outfit that handles the "comments" for several of the sites where I put forth my profundities. It stores your comments and you can access them. I'm sure the Big Data types access them all the time.

ANYWAY... I accessed my recent stuff, and surprise! I've been cranking out a lot of stuff about bots and trolls. I grabbed these to show you the depth of my obsession.


... Oh, sorry I'm trying to control my obsession.

                                                  Bots. They're everywhere!
A Bit of Social Intercourse on Breitbart Between me, Some Bots and Some Non-bots

[ "hidad" said "If the Dims want it so desperately, it must be crushed!"  a typical bot snort. ]

seniorjunior (scooter duff)hidad 10 hours ago
Now think about that (if you think, i.e. not…