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Way To Go, Mr. President!

Our Prez is doing something I like! (...and you know that doesn't happen often.)

White House to Issue Executive Order to Disclose Pricing Across the Health Care IndustryPublished: May 24, 2019By Alex Keown [Excerpt] President Donald Trump is expected to issue an executive order next week that will mandate price disclosure across the health care industry, the Wall Street Journal reported this morning. The move would be highly disruptive to the industry, which is not used to having a spotlight shined on its pricing policies, the Journal noted. Citing unnamed sources who are familiar with the matter, the Journal said the Trump administration will wield the power of the federal government to force the price disclosures as part of an effort to drive down health care costs. In particular, the Journal said that the order could be aimed at “regional monopolies of hospitals and health-insurance plans over concerns they are driving up the cost of care.”President Donald Trump is expected to iss…

Squoze Where It Hurts the Most

Artificial Intelligence, The Future of Everything
The bigger you are, the more you can use A.I. This pretty much says the big will get bigger, the strong will get stronger, the weak will fall further behind.
So this chart is bad news for the U.S.
Down in that light blue "Other countries" category are places like Germany, Bahrain, South Korea, and spectacularly, Israel. 
While the U.S. overwhelms the world in conventional military power, the new battlefields are forming up in cyberspace.
The cyber nukes are the A.I.s  

I (humbly of course) propose that spending priorities be shifted from the existing military industrial complex to the new A.I. development complex.

War is hell, but less hellish when fought in The Cloud. And WAY less hellish when you win.

Think that's scary? Check this out:
The Chinese A.I. Leapfrog
(...and 16 other Worries About China)

Picasso-esque Yet

 Eye in the Desert

Researching Western Australia for the book I'm currently hammering on (it's about Superintelligence), this wonder leapt right out at me. 

It's the Wolfe Creek Meteor Crater, on the easter edge of Western Australia. The Picasso part is the tiling collage effect of merging satellite shots. I thought you might like to see it. 

I know you are just dying to know something about this new book!  Working title: What Would Supe Do?  Perhaps I should weave in something about the Wolfe Creek Crater.