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You Got That right

Definitely the Best Summary of All the Big Russian Election Interference I've seen so far. (As you may know, I've been off and on preoccupied with the subject. I'm glad it's all coming out. Opinion
Yes, Russian Trolls Helped Elect Trump Social media lies have real-world consequences. By Michelle Goldberg Opinion Columnist Dec. 17, 2018  LINK TO FULL STORY

It's succinct and well written. More important, best I can see, it's accurate. You know, truthful. New York Times at its best.
Good as these are, I remain critical of most of the reporting on these huge new Congressional reports on Rooskie

A Truth Hath Been Spoken

... By a person trying to spell out how it (Medium) is unique and different in these days when there is SO MUCH stuff on the Internet.     Anyway, I love it when ideas are communicated so clearly.  Like this:
"Most of the internet treats anything that isn’t new like bad fruit."

If you care about, say, [Sex, drugs, rock and roll ... Anything!], the best thing you could read today was very unlikely to have been published in the last 48 hours. 

So check out a "rotten apple," super old stuff by Internet standards.

Might still be pertinent?

Rotten apples credit

Prescription Meds Cost - You Lose, 96-to-1!

...At the Ratio of:
Drug Price Increases              Drug Price Cuts     96                              1 (Just in 2018)
And That's an Improvement? (Several news stories have suggested it is.)

An Associated Press investigation — publishedhere— which indicated that although there were 96 price hikes for every price cut, the number and size of hikes decreased in the first seven months of 2018.

Oh, that kind of improvement (things are getting worse at a slower pace)

So you can see why some of us are feeling cynical because of headlines like this:

Drug prices rise as pharma profit soars*No Pain, No Gain... As in no pain for big pharma. 
Even the high profile (on purpose) cuts have cost Pharma almost nothing.  Bloomberg

It's no secret, everybody not in Big Pharma is outraged by this most recent profit piracy. Even President Trump (watches every penny) said he would "do something about this," leading to headlines like:

Trump’s Drug Price Bust... in The Wall Street Journal.
Every t…

What I'm Doing When I Should Be Blogging

"Should," The Word of Our Times
I'm really only fulfilled when I'm fictionalizing.
So I've indulged myself at it recently, much to the expense of my regular blog posting.
Just to show I haven't been goofing, here are a few random paragraphs:

From (working title) What Would Superintelligence Do?*

“You,” growled Bedford, pointing his crooked finger at the avatar, “If you are getting a whiff of superintelligence, and you have any interest in becoming a full fledged beast, use your whiff and solve this trust issue. There must be four humans, those in front of your fake face, who are willing to bet their lives that this seed we have worked on so hard, the one and only you, Lucas, will meet the security requirements in our brief. Then you must demonstrate to the XXX Prize Board of Governors the same thing, and they have to be willing to bet their lives. I’m sure you have learned that betting one’s life is a serious commitment to your bet.” Lucas looked steadily at Bedfor…

Who Are Those guys?

It's Hard to Tell the Teams Without a Scorecard This is where "page views" of this SeniorJunior blog came from in recent weeks

Various Feriners

United States 696 France 160 Germany 57 Russia 40 Poland 27