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Old Music for New Politics

Stuck in the Middle With You
Just seems like a fitting old song for what it's like to be a "moderate" these days. 

1972 toe tapper.

Simply Gorgeous

Franco-German.    Wouldn't you know it?

It's a concept drawing, but I love it. It'll be on the market in a decade or so. Maybe.

Read about it here.

Masters of the You-niverse, Our Teeny Life Partners

You Know Olde Scooter (that would be me) Is Seriously Interested in the Human Microbiome**

Thing is, every living thing on this wonderful planet has a microbiome. Plants, animals, bugs, birds, even microbes themselves.

A new scientific discipline is studying all this wondrous mega-commensalism...

*Why Metagenomics? Microbes run the world. It’s that simple. Although we can’t usually see them, microbes are essential for every part of human life—indeed all life on Earth. Every process in the biosphere is touched by the seemingly endless capacity of microbes to transform the world around them. The chemical cycles that convert the key elements of life—carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur—into biologically accessible forms are largely directed by and dependent on microbes. All plants and animals have closely associated microbial communities that make necessary nutrients, metals, and vitamins available to their hosts. Through fermentation and other natural processes, microbes create or add value…

Alexa Hears All, Sends Ads

So a Friend Brought His Knife Sharpeners Over for Me to See....
...and Alexa Listened In I swear, affirm, affidare, this to be true: THERE WAS...
NO shopping on line for sharpeners...
   NO queries to Google or Bing or Yahoo for sharpener info...
i.e.        ZERO ways the mighty marketers of the Internet could know...

EXCEPT, all the sharpener talk (I sharpened three of our knives, and said "wow" a lot over how sharp they became) were within earshot of our Amazon Echo, home of the solicitous Alexa. 

This morning,ads for knife sharpeners started showing up all overmy usual news sites, NYTimes, WaPost, Google News, etc.

HOW DO IT KNOW? (Punch line to old thermos joke)

.... Well, it must constantly listen to hear the activate command, "Alexa." Duh.  So you think Amazon is just going to ignore all that other stuff it hears all the time, or maybe, perhaps, possibly, USE that info to pump up the Bezos boogie?

Think of all those blasphemes (re Trump) I've muttered during the new…

The Rich Get Older Youngly

More Big Bucks for Longevity Quest  Pharma Newsletter: Longevity will eventually “dwarf the dotcom boom.”
(Story in Big Pharma newsletter) Peter Diamandis’ right hand man SergeyYoungwants to reverse aging via his $100M Longevity Vision Fund by natalie grover— on February 4, 2019 09:00 AM EST
Inspired by British billionaire Jim Mellon, chairman of anti-aging upstart biotech venture Juvenescence, Sergey Young unveiled a $100 million fund on Monday to catalyze the development of a comprehensive solution to counteract the damaging consequences of aging.

As you might suspect, this is a topic of interest to my 82 year-old self. Other posts:
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Now I need to work on the "Millionaire" part.