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Faces In The Rocks

[I'll try this now and then. Great Four Corners
road trip with lots of digital clicking. I was looking
for faces. This is what I saw and what the camera

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona: "Tough Guy"

Military vs. Civilian Spending

Think what might happen with just a few fewer tanks...

Over 8,800 M1 and M1A1 tanks have been produced for the US Army and Marine Corps, (and a relative few for the armies of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) at a cost of US $2.35–$4.30 million per unit, depending on the variant. (“top-of-the-line” = $4.3 million) The M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank is made by General Dynamics Land Systems.

Supporting the Abrams is a Tank Recovery Vehicle. The United States Army requirement is for 595 M88A2 HERCULES recovery vehicles, the Marine Corps requirement was originally for 60 vehicles (now 66).The US Army has fielded 157 HERCULES and the US Marine Corps all its planned HERCULES. Unitary Cost: USD
$2.0 million. The Hercules is made by BAE Systems (AirBus, etc.).

Both vehicles are totally paid for with taxpayer dollars.
The top-of-the-line combine John Deere offers is the 9870 STS.Manufacturer's suggested list price:$0.337 million. About one third of one million. These are typically pai…

Two More Strikes Against For-Profit Health Insurance

How many strikes does it take to strike OUT?

How about these?

1. Doctors (mostly primary care docs) hate ins. paperwork, want to quit

That's a very disheartening story from United Press International - UPI - about a huge survey of primary care physicians. Almost half say they are going to quit their profession or at least reduce their patient rosters. Of course, this is the very category of docs we need the most and have the biggest shortage of. Why this catastrophe?

"The reported reasons for the widespread frustration among doctors include: increased time spent dealing with non-clinical paperwork, difficulty receiving reimbursement from insurance companies and burdensome government regulations."

2. New International Survey: More Than Half of U.S. Chronically Ill Adults Skip Needed Care Due to CostsBottom line in this study: The U.S. is last of eight advanced nations in the quality of care for the chronically ill. And we spend the most out of pocket on the probl…

Why Are You Afraid of The Fairness Doctrine?

Because Rush, Sean, Laura, Michael et al TOLD YOU TO BE?

First hand report from Reality Radio

Long story short: 1965 - 1967 I was the Program Director at the country's first 24/7 telephone call-in radio station, KLAC in Los Angeles. It was a double barreled hoot.

The dreaded Fairness Doctrine was in full force. Results? Right wing talk was crushed? Noooo. We had Bob Grant spewing the precursor mud of Michael Savage and Sean Hannity. We had Joe Pyne, doing confrontational blitzing that makes Rush Limbaugh look like a wimp. We had Ray Briem, a calm, hard-right, all-night talker. These guys were tough, uncompromising Righties, and nothing in the Fairness Doctrine shut them up or even inhibited them.

AND we had left-wing talkers, including the hilarious Arbogast (Bob) and Margolis (Jack) and the stunning Jill (daughter of Dore) ScharyRobinson doing passionate left wing and feminist talk on the weekends. We even had genius comic Mort Sahl whamming away at the Kennedy assassination…