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OK, I'm Riding This Horse

(I've done this numerous time over the looong course of this blogging hobby.  Gone All In with something. I'm All In on worrying about the troll/bot cyber war, All In on getting worried about China passing us all over the place, All In on piping water from the wet east to the dry west of this country, AI on global warming, AI on evolution explaining everything... on and on. At least once it's been embarrassingly wrong, but hey...) 

Now I'm going All In on SENOLYTICS. (Meaning I'll do several more posts whooping up any new findings.)

I like"It's conceivable" statements. ... says James L. Kirkland MD, PhD of Mayo Clinic (guy on lower left.*)

Things are just getting rolling big time on finding and testing senolytic drugs and combinations of drugs and nutraceuticals. However, there is a pink wave of research showing how clearing out senescent cells - the thing senolytics does - is widely beneficial. As in "transforms medicine as we know it." 

More to …

Will Tariffs Affect Your Shopping Bills?

For Sure When You Shop Walmart,  Harbor Freight...      ...and many, MANY more retail stores.              And stuff on AMAZON... Whoo Boy!

Approximately 80% of Walmart’s suppliers are still located in China, we’ll let the facts speak for themselves.

Approximately 92% of all products sold at Harbor Freight are made in China. *

China Makes 50% Of All Your Stuff: Popular Science
The price rises will sneak up on you. "Where is all our money going?" will be a frequently asked question among us of the non-rich tribe. (The Richie Rich Tribe won't notice.) The long term impact on the overall American economy is uncertain; certainly the "experts" are.

To quote President Trump: "We'll see. We'll see."

Speaking of politics, Politico has this:  

Trump’s trade wars start biting GOP ahead of midterms
Who knows? Not me, for sure.

*Estimate made after extensive Googling - and an hour in Harbor Freight - by Olde Scooter

Funky Winkerbean and Me

There Was My Favorite Toy Ever (when I was 10) The Lone Ranger Atomic Bomb Ring!

 I had one. Five Kix boxtops (I loved Kix, no problem) and a bit of change and I had my very own
Spinthariscope.Take off the red tail fins, get in a dark place and look in the little lens...

...and you could see scintillation, tiny tracks of atomic particle activity. Oh the thrill. Apparently none of us Lone Ranger radio show fans suffered any radiation damage.  I'm told. My ring finger only glows very slightly. VERY slightly.

Funky site

New Hypersonic Weapon Worries

For a Brief Time My Worries were Salved.  The salve was in a cute tube of American bravado
But Now.... we get this headline in the authoritative Aviation Week newsletter:

U.S. Hypersonics Face Uphill Struggle To Match China, RussiaSep 21, 2018Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

This is not good. In the balance-of-power thing, America should have parity at the very minimum in these important, fist-of-the-gods weapons. Traditionally, we have the lead in the Big Scaries.

The way of the world is that you can't rest on your laurels in any competition. The game proceeds.

Michael Griffin, the Pentagon’s new undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, spake on the problem:

“The U.S. has been taking a decade-long holiday from the exigencies of great power competition,” so we're seriously behind in a few vital fields. One is heat shields, of all things!

With our humongous Pentagon budget, how can we be behind in anything? Just asking.

Read the whole, frustrating thing HE…

Some Guys Are Totally Freaked About Women

They Feel Threatened, I reckoned...

And these guys are getting out their Righteous Sticks, and are ready to whop some sense into those pushy... ... skirts.
One pal of mine - a professional and affluent white guy in his sixties (WAY younger than me) - has been writing diatribes about #MeToo, et al. Now the Judge Kavanaugh kerfuffle has pushed him closer to the edge. He sees a catastrophic attack on God's Order re men and women.  I asked him if he felt threatened or what else might account for stuff like him writing the "New Women's Bill of Rights" with an attempt at humor, but you could hear his teeth grinding.  Stuff like:

Amendment VIII
Excessive bail shall not be required,
no excessive fines imposed, 
nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted, 
unless they are men

(Maybe he didn't write it, just plagiarized it, which I hope since it's grammatical nonsense.)

He sent me a single line response. Imagine a huffy voice saying...

"I and millions of other men are tired…

Wow! This must be a great comment/post/tweet!!

Look at All Those "Likes!"
When a troll comment pops up, a LIKEBOT, programmed to support the troll, jumps in and registers a "like."  Then it notifies more LIKEBOTS with accounts of their own, and they pump up the likes, like LIKEBOTS like to do. It works best when there are a few real "likes."  Like all good lies, there are usually strains of truth in them.
We the gullible see this and think whatever nasty thing the troll said is very "popular;" lots of people like it. And, hey, I sort of like it too, even though it's over the line. So woweee, Batman, I've been moved further toward the crazy zone and further away from people I disagree with. The polarization disease spreads.
For every fake account harboring a bot that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al remove from their platforms, another - maybe five others - register and start botting. It's worse than poor Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice overwhelmed by the enchanted b…

Now Watch These Pharma Stocks Go Up

Forbes, the fanboy magazine for billionaire$... 
...had two "SENOLYTIC" pieces on Sept  24. I'm betting most of the rich people read both of them:

40,993 viewsSep 24, 2018, 02:16am Senolytic Therapies Seem To Stop Alzheimer's Disease 'In Its Tracks'

Robin Seaton Jefferson

4,745 viewsSep 24, 2018, 02:16am Senolytic Therapies And The Quest To Cure Aging

Robin Seaton Jefferson

Stormy Daniels' New Book Made Me Do It

Never Pass a Chance to Beat Your Favorite Drum

I was reading the "Comments" section after a review of Ms. Daniels' new book, Full Disclosure, in the Washington Post.  Lo and behold, my expert Troll/Bot spotting eyes saw quite a few.
So I fired up my favorite motor scooter and scooted right in with this:

duffworx Herein is a great collection of reader comments. It's the perfect place to look for Russian/Iranian/N.Korean, et al Troll/bots. WaPo, imho, is under high volume troll attacks in the Comments space because there is not much high level moderating.  Trolls all over! HOW TO SPOT 'EM: Remember a standard attack mode (to create the  social chaos called 'polarization') is to escalate the hyperbole on BOTH sides of the GAS (Great American Split). I say 'remember' because a lot of people still think those cyber warriors are all Trumpsters, alt-righters, etc.  Not so!  Here at the mighty WaPo, you are more likely to see nasty lefties, pushing the envelop…

A Spark of Hope for Alzheimer's

See? I Told You to Bone Up on Senolytics

Published Wednesday, 19 September in Nature Magazine... one of the Super Journals (meaning they are as credible as they come, science-journal-wise), a paper based on research done at Mayo Clinic, a pretty good outfit.

Published: 19 September 2018
Clearance of senescent glial cells prevents tau-dependent pathology and cognitive declineIf you keep up on Alzheimer's research, you recognize "tau-dependent," and if you don't, you surely know about cognitive decline. That and memory loss are the heart-ripping Alzheimer's symptoms we'd all like to avoid. 
If You Are Interested in the Science
Put your science hat on and take a look at the abstract (free) in Nature. Or read a (also free) layperson version.  Here's a short one (written for Big Pharma money men).                                                                  Here's a longer one (written for "age extension" fans.)
For The-Long-and-Short-of-It Fans:

Yours Is Bigger Than Ours

While You Are Praying for the Carolinas...  ...Say one for the Philippines




The Nose / Gut / Brain Boogie Just a touch of my favorite subject, from the bottomless well of academia.

See?  I've been telling you* stuff like this:
(Go ahead, have a linking extravaganza.)

Recent studies have focused on the role of gut microbiota in modulation of the enteric and central nervous system functions, including behaviour (Bravo et al., 2011; Foster & McVey Neufeld, 2013; Mayer, Tillisch & Gupta, 2015; Forsythe et al., 2016; Sarkar et al., 2016). This rapidly emerging field employs classical psychological tests of behaviour to begin to understand better how the gut microbiome and the brain interact in health and in models of disease (Collins, 2014; Mayer et al., 2015; Sarkar et al., 2016). Many of these tests involve assessment of social behaviour and interaction (Tarr et al., 2015; McKim et al., 2016; Bharwani et al.,


OK, I'm mad. REALLY mad.
This is the last straw to me. President Trump's war on the climate is a  grossly irresponsible travesty of governing. Loosening the rules and allowing more methane leakage into the air, just to "reverse another Obama policy" and please Big Oil and Big Gas...
Methane is many times more potent than CO2 as a heat trapping gas.

You know how methane smells? That's the way this latest climate atrocity smells to me.
I encourage you to raise a stink over this one.

Just one wound infected with this poison.

Graphic Credit
Flare Pix Credit

Photoshopped? I'm guessing yes.

Just snipped this from the Airedale subReddit 

If you say this is photoshopped, I'll lick you to death.

Airdales über alles!

The Mysteries of Blogging

SINGAPORE? For the last few days, it's been Germany. That's weird enough, but today it's....
I have only made one post on this manifold blog that was specifically about Singapore, and that was back in 2010. Here 'tis.

And yet... and yet...  SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 daily report 4PM MST

EntryPageviews Singapore 435 France 99 Germany 32 United States 23 Poland