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Ezra Klein and Me

Great Minds, etc.I love it when someone I admire and respect agrees with me.Today, Mr. Klein, The Washington Post’s wunderkind (he’s 26!) highlighted four NY Times pieces that I just happen to think are super.He did it in his “Wonkbook” newsletter. (It’s free and good every day!)

1. Paul Krugman’s “Eat the Future” about how the Republican budget slashes are “unserious and inhumane” and kind of dumb in that they hardly touch the deficit while they crush actual people (Don’t forget, they slash NPR & PBS too).
2. Steven Pearlstein’s “It's Make-or-Break Time for Manufacturing” about how government can help (hear that, Repubs?), but it’s also up to the multi-national corporations to stop the cancerous loss of manufacturing in America.
3. Felix Salmon’s “Wall Street’s Dead End” about how the market is no longer doing what it’s supposed to do, let all Americans share in the success of American companies.I’ve groused about this …