OK, I'm not all that happy with the Republicans in general.

BUT this 'shut down the government' crap because you can't get enough Repubs elected to change the laws the lawful way, is too much.

One little, insignificant anecdote:  Dorothy and I have been planning our vacation to the Grand Canyon north rim for over a year.  We arrive on the 1st of October.  If the government shuts down we will be shut out, lose our deposits and be deeply disappointed and angry.

We are white, kind of old and once in a while we've voted for a Republican.

Until they get their heads screwed back on right, no more.


Yolandi Stuart said…
Well I know exactly what you mean. I have been wAiting for my new visa for 8 months now. It was supposed to be here 3 months ago and now because of the government shutdown it will take even longer... How fantastic

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