Bonham Daily Favorite in the New Yorker Magazine

That's My Hometown Paper

In !!

Talk about a media rush. I'm thumbing through The New Yorker, checking out the cartoons first as always, and ZOWEE! There is a picture of The Bonham Daily Favorite. Holy cats, etc.  

The Daily Favorite is more to me than my home towner; I was once an employee. I was a "combo announcer" at KFYN, the 250 watt, 1420 kHz, AM daytimer station when it was owned by the Favorite. That was in 1952.* 

Hey Olde Scooter, recognize me?

It's in THIS edition.
Jan 28, 2019


Bonham, Texas has about 10,000 souls now, 7000 in 1952. A growth market!

update, UPDATE

     I was so excited about seeing the picture of the Daily Fav, that I rushed to blog about it.  Then I read the piece. It's really an extraordinary,  15 pager by Pulitzer winning biographer Robert A. Caro on his experiences researching his massive The Years of Lyndon Johnson biography, five volumes, going on six.
     The closest thing to a mention of the Bonham Daily Favorite is about Caro doing research in the Rayburn Library, the picture on the paper above. 
     Caro writes with such narrative skill, that his 15 pages just zip by. Read it if you get a chance. The last paragraph is powerfully poignant. "Turn Every Page"

*Ok, Ok, so I'm an old guy.  Thus "Olde Scooter."  KFYN was the first of ten radio stations in my itinerant radio guy resume.   Robert Caro is nearly two years older than I am. There's hope.


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