Join My Little Crusade?

Let's Outlaw "Government Shut Downs!"
They are stupid, cruel, arbitrary, 
discriminatory and 
financially chaotic

Gotcha, me!!

The Little Crusade

(Only if you think Government should be immune to the tantrums of politicians not getting their way, of course...)

WRITE:  Tweets, "Comments," Instagrams, Letters to the Editor, Blogs, Graffiti...
SPEAK: Talk show call-ins, Speeches at your club/church/bridge party/golf game...

Write things like this "comment" I made in the Washington Post:

Outlaw government shutdowns! They are perversions of what government is meant to be. Allowing shutdowns to be negotiating pawns is ridiculous, not to mention humanly cruel, financially chaotic and wildly discriminatory in who they hurt. This nation cannot be hostage to itself. If it takes the tortuous path of a Constitutional amendment, get started. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

If a bunch of us start getting this simple idea out, who knows? We might finally be rid of this profound stupidity of shooting our own foot... I mean shutting down our own government.

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