A Good Greenie

Should you be a New Mexican in District 4, take a long look at David Bacon, candidate for the Public Regulation Commission.

Check out his web site at: http://www.davidbacon2006.org/

He is an honest, right thinking, very bright fellow who deserves to serve the public. He ran for Governor of NM on the Green ticket last election, which shows he is an unbridled optimist. Heaven knows we need more optimists in government.

Here’s a look at his platform. If I had the gumption to run for office, it would be my platform.


I want the PRC to...

  • Promote clean renewable energy, encourage alternate local providers and spur innovation
  • Increase local control of power distribution
  • Move New Mexico toward affordable and universal health insurance
  • Protect water resources by opposing large centralized power projects
  • Extend rural telephone service through telecommunication competition
  • Preserve full Internet access for everyone


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