Reboot America! Manifesto

More Stimulus NOW

The deficit hawks are dangerous to America. He said conservatively, in quiet understatement.

Nothing is as important as getting our army of unemployed back to work. Cutting the deficit can and should be done, but not now. Not with the gnawing cancer of mass unemployment claiming more lives daily. There are so many extremely productive places to spend more stimulus money. Our infrastructure is crumbling, our education system is in tatters and a whole new category of American industry is just waiting to be stimulated by the right laws and the right government funding - clean energy, efficient homes and buildings, and efficient transportation. (CEEHABET, acronym fans). Oh, and there is the little fringe benefit of saving ourselves from climate change and freeing ourselves from dependence on malign foreigner's oil.

So I'm signing on wholeheartedly to... [[ drum roll, bugles ]]

Reboot America - Manifesto

... started by The Daily Beast, a darn good on-line news organization.

Speaking of signing on, top economist are signing on like crazy. Read all about it!

Then, unless you are one of those folks incapable of reconsidering stuff, 'fess up; what this country needs is a second - maybe bigger - stimulus package. The facts are undeniable.


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