Tough to Find, But Definitely Worth It!

A tool made in the USA! And at a Big Box store (Home Depot) to boot.

In these times when it's harder and harder to find that "Made
in U.S.A." note - especially on tools - this was a great find. And it's
a great tool. Super stripper, bolt trimmer, etc. Klein Tools.

The default store for tools, "Harbor Freight" is the big chain that is basically a Chinese manufacturing outlet. I challenge you to find "Made in U.S.A." there.

I think I'm becoming a protectionist. Horrors.
Pretty soon, I will propose a boycott of S. Korean cars.
But I'll wait 'til I research it a bit more.


Shaharyar said…
Haha.. You're too good man. ;) Keep it up.
Blogger said…
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