Rick and Morty

A Millenial Hit Olde Folks Don't Know About

Are you over 50? Have you ever heard about "Rick and Morty?" I thought not. There is a "cell" of younger people who love the show and say extravagant things about its wonderfulness.

In these times when prior punditry had it we would be unified by some mysterious power in the Internet, there are more and more cells of people, unified within their cells, but isolated from most of the other cells of special interests*, tastes and proclivities.  The U.S. looks more like a pomegranate than a cantaloupe - to push the fruit/melon analogy to its extreme. I will dream up a graphic one of these days.

USA, USA! society in fruit form.

ANYHOO... I watched Rick and Morty at my millennial son's suggestion, and I LOVE IT. Eccentric old genius and non-genius grandson as the lead characters (faintly Back to the Future-esque) + sci-fi + Simpsons sensibilities +  intelligent satire + over-the-top imaginative creators = something we oldies ought to love.

It's on YouTube. Just put "Rick and Morty" in the search window, start with Season 1, Episode 1 and rock and roll.

*Exception: The "Homestuck" cell overlaps strongly with the "Cosplay" cell.


Axel Foley said…
We're HUGE Rick and Morty fans!
Axel Foley said…
So what do you think, is Mr Poopie Butthole a parasite that managed to slip detection or is he a companion for the Sanchez family of some other dimension beside C137?
Axel, I've gotta watch more. I've not met Mr. PB yet. Dimension C137 is my kind of dimension. I hear there are new episodes coming.
Axel Foley said…
Yep, end of July season three debuts. You need to see the "Total Rickall" episode (features Mr. Poopie Butthole - you'll learn why sometimes it pays NOT to be nice to someone ;-).

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